While I'm away... Jive 4 Life

A couple of weekends ago, I attended a marvellous bash down in East Grinstead. Jive 4 Life was a charity tea dance, in honour of a very worth cause: St Catherine's Hospice in Crawley and tirelessly promoted by Brian Sims, the organiser. Brian goes to classes run by my swing dance teacher Nick Kirby and so there was a jolly good turnout of people who dance in the same style as me, which is always nice.

Another regular of my class, David Webb aka Fourteen Fifths, came along in his official capacity to take some photographs of the event, and as the token Pinup Girl, I was asked to pose by some of the vintage cars, so I did!

This one is on a 1942 Jeep. I wore my earliest Swirl dress, which I actually had taken in so it fitted me. "Oh, the desecration!" you might say... but you know it is in safe hands with me!

Shh... there's a very un-vintage football goal in the background!

My beat friend Gemma and I - silly girl always refuses to have her photo taken as she claims she is unphotogenic; but when she is persuaded then beautiful results like this happen! She is a stunning girl, non?

And a couple of dancing ones for good measure:

I took this one, which is why it's rather unremarkable next to the others!

I'm doing a stroll, but I'm not sure which one... the New York Stroll maybe?

Thank you again David for the photos. That's all for now!

Fleur xx

PS. 'While I'm away...' is a series of posts lined up before my long-awaited holiday. I appreciate all your comments, but I won't be able to reply as I am out of the 'office' for a wee while! Please do forgive the lack of creative collaging too. ;)


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