A damp squib

I really hate the British weather sometimes. In November, you naturally expect it to be chilly, grey, damp and unappealing, but just when we needed a lucky break, the heavens opened, and London became a total washout. Thus, so was my Chocks Hawaii night.

We knew it would be quiet as we didn't sell a huge number of advance tickets, but we got a lot of press and we were hopeful about lots of people turning up on the night in their loudest shirts and most tropical dresses. We pulled out all the stops on the decor - we felt it was the best effort yet - and opened the doors expectantly.

We decorated with lovely wicker lamps, coconuts and pineapples, leis festooning every lampshade, paper parasols and palm leaves pinched from What Katie Did's boutique. We had tiki torches burning outside and authentic 50s tiki god lights up the stairs (which sadly didn't work as they needed to be rewired!). The bar was draped in a giant grass skirt and fishing nets hung from the lights. We had to close the outside terrace because the weather was so bad, and our 'sandy red carpet' idea was thrown out. :(

The Sax Pastilles rechristened themselves 'The Surfing Sax Pastilles' and played a fantastic couple of sets of early 60s surf music, dressed in their mid-century/hawaiian best. I didn't capture any shots of the girls or even my lovely Emerald, but I'll link to some when I get them, if anyone is interested to see.

I chatted to our gorgeous guests to see if they were having a good time, despite the weather and the low turnout, and the answer was an almost-unanimous yes, I'm glad to say. One gentleman did not have a good night, and he was most vociferous to me and to the other guests, which was a shame. Luckily none of them agreed with his objections. But let it never be said that we don't listen to our critics - his main gripe was that we did not have a DJ (despite never having advertised one as part of our nights) and so we are now making tentative arrangements to get one on board.

Our aim, as a vintage party company, is to put on nights that we ourselves would want to attend: with quirky decor, a rocking band, talented burlesque dancers, fabulously attired guests, and a friendly atmosphere. And the thing that made us saddest was that there weren't enough of the guests to appreciate our decorating efforts, the band and the girls!

Still, we have all the makings of an even more fabulous Hawaiian party next year... you live and learn!

Our next event will be New Year's Eve - and it will have a 1950s/1960s Vegas/Casino Royale/Rat Pack theme. I will, of course, bore you all senseless, I mean keep you all informed about it.

Yours from a wet and windy Sunday,

Fleur xx


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