You Tart!

Last Saturday was the very first instalment of Tart - the brainchild of David Carter of 40 Winks, Naomi of Vintage Secret and yours truly! It was an absolute triumph all around - the guests were fabulous, the venue (of course) perfect, the vendors were amazing, and the services provided, top-notch. I've been waiting to confirm some details, such as the website of the photographer, but I can't hold on any more so I will amend this entry as soon as I know!

These shots were taken by the lovely Mela (whose site I am waiting on), and really captured the wonderful atmosphere of the afternoon. We had cakes and service from the always incredible Vintage Patisserie, some with our logo, and some with the names of our Hen party's bride-to-be and her beloved! Our guests arrived, and headed down into the kitchen for cupcakes, sandwiches and delicious drinks - Hendrick's gin and elderflower, and bubbly, naturally. All were served in vintage teacups from Naomi's collection! The ground floor held Naomi's exclusive selection of vintage, some incredible hats and vintage and handmade jewellery from Glamour Kitten. I spent a happy few minutes chatting all things rhinestony and bakelite down there! Upstairs on the first floor was Taj Noel Cambridge's Bunnies Forever lingerie and the beauty room! Bella and Sarah were doing super glamorous makeup, and the Lipstick and Curls girls were whipping up some marvellous vintage hairdos. However, there were so many ladies waiting at one point that I came on board to help. It was a fab way to meet the guests actually!

The guests all looked absolutely fantastic and certainly had no shortage of things to do during their four hours with us. The top floor had stands from shoe designer Nina Dolcetti, but unfortunately, I didn't have even a spare five minutes to go up and look. Next time, I hope! As if all that wasn't enough, each girl left with a goodie bag, stuffed with freebies, from vouchers to Rose & Co. lipbalms, organic body lotions and more. We have some even more exciting sponsors for the next event, like Piper Heidsieck champagne and some super secret (for now) ones. Speaking of which, though we have almost sold out our January Tart, the December one still has room. Do you fancy a bit of Tart for yourself? It's the perfect precursor to a Christmas party, and with food, drink, pampering, massages, shopping AND a goodie bag, for just £60, it's an incredible bargain.

I leave you with a few more pictures, this time from the gorgeous Claire from Nina's Hair Parlour! You can see her posing with Lena from Queens of Vintage on the right... what beautiful blondes! As you can see, I'm in my Able Grable Ann Darrow again! Naomi was looking smashing in her 50s number, but she always does; and the almost ethereally beautiful girl on the bottom left (and bottom right of the first collage above) is Natalya Posukhova, aka Natata, who is the most talented young illustrator. Do have a look at her brilliant work.

Off to Rhythm Riot now... see you in a few days!

Fleur xx


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