V.I. Buys - Fabulous Hawaiian Fancies!


As you all know, I'm putting on a super Hawaiian/Tiki party this Saturday with my amazing collaborators at The Fox Presents...

Now, although I am a 40s girl most of the time, I do so love to get my Tiki on from time to time. Tomorrow night I shall be sporting my much-loved Whirling Turban frock:

(Photo by lovely Rebecca Parker)

And my treasured Lucky Lou Souvenir slides (as mentioned in my holiday post):

But, what if you're attending my night, or the other, only Hawaiian party to be seen at tomorrow night (!), the Jive Connection Christmas Tiki night, down in East Grinstead ...

(I'm actually gutted I can't go to this, and even more gutted I didn't think of the Turkey/Tiki pun! Tee hee!)

... and you don't know what to wear? Ordering from America (or Bali in the case of Whirling Turban) is obviously not an option! Well Londoners can head north to 294 Holloway Road to that fabulous bombshell emporium Vivien of Holloway*, and snap up one of their beautiful sarong dresses!

There are some gorgeous prints and they do matching bolero jackets too - perfect! And while you're in the area, check out these absolutely lovely Lily Bamboo bags, which are stocked a few doors down at Haunted Tattoo, 159 Holloway Road!

Aren't they amazing? Lily Bamboo owner Julie only recently turned her love of the 50s and particularly Tiki culture into a business making handbags. According to the site, "Each item is lovingly crafted from high-quality materials and only a limited number of each are made. Watch-out for the first collection of 50’s inspired fabrics, coming soon!"

Well, Julie, I will be watching out!

All you need now is a pair of espadrilles or wedges and a flower in your hair and you're good to dance the Huki Lau all night long!

Or you could go for a grass skirt and a coconut bra... entirely up to you! ;)

Bye for now...

Fleur xx

* I was incredibly privileged, while at Rhythm Riot (post on the way!) to model a pair of Vivien of Holloway's rather spiffy 40s style overalls!

If any fellow Amazons are reading, her latest batch of overalls have come out a touch longer in the body, which they are the perfect fit for me and those who are as tall as me! They're adjustable, of course, because the buttons can be moved to shorten the straps, but it's the first time something like an overall has fitted me off the peg! There are an amazing range of colours too, so do enquire if you'd like a pair (I can't see them on the site at the moment). I'm wearing it with one of their sweet peasant tops, which I LOVE! Thank you Vivien! And thank you Tony Nylons for the photo.


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