If you read my blog a week or so back, you'll know that after I decided I wanted to do a bit more good stuff for other people, I've been interning on A Good Week ... which is in fact this very week! Our launch event was yesterday, and it's marked the culmination of the last month and a bit of work. I am super proud and excited to be a part of it, and as such am going to plug a few choice things that are happening, in case any of you dear readers want to get involved with any of it.

Firstly, tomorrow night, there's a free yoga session in Willesdon Green, North London. You know how I love my yoga, in fact, I attribute the core work and breathing exercises to the upkeep of my small (in proportion to the rest of me) waist! If you want to go along, then you can register for free at Eventbrite - it's being held at a pretty fab place called The Library Lab, where any company-starved freelancers can go and work for free... definitely check it out!

The thing I am probably most excited about checking out is the Forgotten Feasts pop-up restaurant, which opens on Thursday and runs until Sunday. It's been put together by a charity called Foodcycle, who work to try and offset the vast amount of food that's wasted in this country (400,000 tonnes) by serving it to a fraction of the 4 million people suffering in food poverty, and an eco-chef called Tom Hunt; and it's an amazing-looking 10-course meal made from surplus, weird-looking and unloved food, old-fashioned cuts of meat and things that have been foraged from the wild. I will be taking lots of photos of the food and posting it all to make you jealous. If you can't come, that is - do feel free to join me - tickets are available here!

There's so much more going on, if you peruse the A Good Week site - from talks to sewing workshops to online competitions. Do have a look.

In other, less altruistic but no less exciting (for me) news, I've got so many fun things coming up in the next week! On Friday, my best friend of well over a decade is getting married and I am welling up just thinking of it. Then, next Saturday, I'm going to another food-stravaganza - this time it's a day-time Speakeasy 'supper club' with a WWI theme (food from every country that participated in WWI, specifically), which sounds amazing! I'm free on that day because, due to a mix-up on dates, I'm going to the Hackney Weekender on Sunday, ALMOST on my own as all my friends are going on the Saturday! Luckily some running friends will be there... I can't wait to see, well... everyone on the Radio 1 Xtra stage. Anyone else going Sunday?

Next Monday I've been invited to a Babicka vodka launch night with a 'dark fairytale' theme. It's in one of my favourite London cocktail bars, The Nightjar, so I'm looking forward to sharing pictures with you (but have no idea what to wear).

Last but not least, in my social diary for the discerning do-gooder/vintage person, my friends Harry and Grace of the Tea House Theatre in Vauxhall are putting on a new swing night on Saturday 23rd - Fat Harry's Midsummer Swing. It's such an awesome venue and run by sterling folks. I may well see you there.

So this post isn't entirely words, here are some photos of what I am wearing today, in my new guise as office gal extraordinaire!

This is an example of how being shot from above makes you look short! My colleague Charlene is very petite, so she stood on a chair and conversely made me look little! I quite like it! As you can see, we were hard at work blowing bubbles in the office this afternoon!

Outfit details:
Spotty t-shirt - H&M
40s repro trousers - Heyday
Boat shoes - Chatham Marine

Ruby Woo lips
Barry M nails in a ruby red and turquoise accent aaaand...
...Vintage clip on plastic hoop earrings!

So tell me what makes a Good week for you? It can be anything from personal to professional. I'm just being nosy really, so humour me ;)

Fleur xx


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