New video tutorial! 1940s Eyebrows

So! I often get requests for new video tutorials, but I do find them hard work to film as it invariably goes like this. Film it, realise I've ballsed something up, refilm it again, refilm another bit, cobble the good bits from the 3 takes together, faff about with transitions and get the picture. So imagine my delight when I was asked by the mighty Superdrug to film two beauty videos for their Look At Me blog/magazine  - one makeup and one hair - thus removing any excuses or procrastination from the equation!

The first of the two videos I did is up on Look At Me today and it's all about how to get perfect vintage eyebrows that look like you've waltzed straight out of the 1940s. Well, kind of... it's really just how *I* do them.

Have a look (at my weird, smug expression on the still... why must you do this to me, Vimeo)!

How To: Vintage Eyebrows from The River Group on Vimeo.

 Do pop over and have a look at the entry on Look At Me as well, and let me know below if you've enjoyed it!

Fleur xx


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