Away with the mossies

Well I thought it about time I updated you on my holiday to Antigua, seeing as I've now been back almost a fortnight! I got back very late on Sunday from another fantastic Rhythm Riot, so that will be the very next post (plus I need to give you all a visual break from my fabulous Able Grable dress, which I'm wearing... again...!

I didn't take a vast amount of photos to bore you with, only outfits on the very first and very last days, and a couple of token scenery shots!

Here is my outfit from the first night... or, as I like to fondly remember it, the Night of 1,000 Bites! As you can see, it rained. A lot. It was almost a biblical deluge! And I never normally get attacked by mosquitoes, but evidentally, having been driven indoors by the rain, a gaggle of fresh, unbitten Brits was too much for them to resist! I woke up the following morning with over 40 bites on my lower legs alone. Luckily the citronella we brought sort of worked, I probably got only (!) another 40 bites in total over the rest of the trip. Anyway! As you can see, I do keep true to my vintage tastes while I'm away, albeit with even less effort than normal. I don't bother to curl my hair while I'm away - who'd want to sit with a head of hot curlers when it's 30 degrees (80F) and extremely humid out?? Or have a face full of makeup, come to that. It's headscarves and no foundation all the way!

I am also deathly afraid of losing my precious vintage by careless baggage handlers, so I only pack my most unremarkable, replaceable and repro dresses. On the first night I wore a mustard yellow Swirl which cost me a whole $9.99 and my Lucky Lou souvenir slides. It was lovely to spend some time with my family, too, the first time we have all been away in a decade! Thanks to my dad for the photo of me, my mum and brother. :)

The scenery (when it wasn't raining... which it did, frequently!) was spectacular! Turquoise waters, lush greenery (unspurprisingly) and white sand. Now I realise there's nothing more dull than other people's holiday snaps, but do humour me this once!

The resort we stayed in was called the Hawksbill, and you can see the rock that is its namesake in these pictures! I spent most of my time flat on my back in the shade, but I did do quite a lot of swimming, which has meant that my porcelain complexion is no more. Still, I would not have given up the swimming for anything, the sea was the perfect temperature, and we snorkelled all around the reefs in the middle of the bay. Whereupon I saw a jellyfish, and then my brother was stung by an unseen one quite badly. So we didn't do that again! I did sport an array of vintage inspired swimsuits and playsuits, but with no makeup and slathered in greasy sun cream, there are no records of this! ;)

The final night, and you can see my new skin colour... what a novelty! It hasn't been this tanned for almost ten years! I didn't go at it with as much dedication as my brother though, and it's already fading due to the dreadful weather we're having here. I wore my most glam (and hottest, unfortunately) outfit on the last night, and even put on some red lippy, which I didn't do the rest of the time! My lovely wrap blouse is a Heyday one and the skirt was made to my specifications by TopRunway.

So that was that... it all seems like a distant dream already, and I feel as tired as I did before I went away. Still, 10 days of doing nothing is a luxury I won't be able to afford again anytime soon, financially or time-wise. Sigh!

Fleur xx


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