Thank you all! And big modelling news!

The response to my little video tutorial has been phenomenal, I am so, so glad that you all liked it! I haven't had any negative comments, only some good, constructive criticism, so I am really glad. Not to mention slightly overwhelmed! The next one will be even better I hope. The only problem... I can't for the life of me find my rat! I hope one of the cats hasn't dragged it off somewhere, or flipped it into the dusty depths under the fridge or anything. Will have a search as I need it for this weekend, not to mention for my next video!

We're currently having a heatwave here in the UK, and it's hard to stay cool in a country that hasn't embraced air-conditioning. My office has, luckily, but it just makes it worse when one steps outside. It feels like standing in front of a heater, blowing stinky London air at you! I actually was deliberately late for work today, as I had to catch an air-conditioned train rather than my usual one. OK, there are *earlier* ones too, but I get little enough beauty sleep as it is! Haha. And let's not talk about the London Underground, hundreds of sweaty commuters packed on non air-conditioned, barely ventilated trains.... urgh!

This is me today, I haven't done my hair in Victory Rolls for ages, over a month, and as such was dreadfully out of practice. This may have had something to do with the aforementioned lateness, of course, but shhh! I decided to spare my real vintage from my *ahem* glow, by wearing one of my brand new peasant tops. I do love it when the shops come out with such quintessentially vintage items, even if they don't last long due to the poor quality. But here I am in it, and I hope you are all doing well on this hot and sunny Wednesday.

I'm wearing it with a cobalt blue, 8-gored skirt I had made by Top Runway on eBay and my 1920s mah-jong tile bracelet. And my old, battered white Remix pleated toe sandals (unsurprisingly not shown!).

Also! I am on the What Katie Did website modelling their brand new gingham sunsuit! I tried on the sample that Katie had at last November's Rhythm Riot, and subsequently shot some pictures in it, but I didn't know that they would use them, I'm so chuffed!

Go and have a look at the new sunsuit, they're selling these off at sample prices as they have small leg openings, but there's bound to be plenty of ladies out there with slender thighs! Mine is an even earlier sample, and was deemed to be too long in the body, which is why it fitted me, Miss Giant Torso, properly! I got to keep the suit, too for the same reason, it wouldn't fit most other people!

Photo by Mr Tony Nylons, as always!

Being on What Katie Did is a really big deal as a vintage model, I really feel like I have 'made it' now! I know I was on the postcards, but this is even more 'official'. YIPPEE!

Glowingly yours,

Fleur xx


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