I've been tagged...

No, not because I've been slapped with an ASBO by the fuzz and forced to obey a curfew. I've been tagged by two fellow bloggers to take part in a meme that's doing the rounds, entitled Honest Scrap.

Thank you to Glamour Splash and CinnamonGirl for the tag. I am now supposed to reveal ten facts about myself. Lawks, I don't know if I should let you all see how desperately dull I really am! Let me try to dredge up some relatively interesting trivia for you, accompanied by some pictures to liven it up. Here goes!

♥ I used to have blonde dreadlocks from the age of 16 until I chopped them off at 18. Feast your eyes!

♥ My favourite film of all time is the Princess Bride, and my cats are named after two of the main characters. They were named as kittens, yet their sizes and personalities perfectly match those of their namesakes!



♥ I was a vegetarian for about 4 years and tried being vegan for 6 months, struggling with decreasing energy and huge tiredness, before I deduced that it was probably my substantial soya intake that was playing havok with my body. I cut out the soya milk, tried eating meat again, instead of the fake stuff, and have felt a million percent better since. I think I am one of those people that needs to eat a bit of meat, though I have it about twice a month, if that.

♥ Despite trying to appear refined, elegant and graceful in my photos, I am a huge nerd who falls over a lot and laughs at incredibly childish films and internet videos. Lonely Island are a particular favourite of mine (NparticularlySFW!). When I watched this for the first time, at work, no less, I nearly gave myself an aneurysm trying to stop laughing out loud. Thank heavens for headphones, though they didn't help conceal the tears streaming down my face!

♥ I was really horrible to my parents as a teenager. I put the blame largely on my own mixed up teenage hormones, combined with being put on a contraceptive pill that, I found out years later, is notorious for causing massive mood swings. Luckily, we have a really great relationship now, especially my mum and I. I know it makes her as happy as it does me, that we can go out and do stuff together, like having Afternoon Tea!

♥ I loathe and despise housework. I just don't have it in me to be a housewife type. I find if I put on a cute apron and imagine my Dyson vacuum cleaner is a Transformer or something, it helps. Loud music is a must! Although I do love baking in my diner-style kitchen, and that motivates me to keep it tidy.

♥ When I was 17, a friend of mine at 6th Form College killed himself. He was the first 'alternative' friend I had made upon starting there in the middle of term, and it well and truly knocked me for 6. I feel as if it changed me rather as a person too, I now cry more easily and am more emotional, even 11 years after it happened.

♥ I once gave up chocolate and cake for 6 months. I have no idea how, now I can barely go a full day without some.

♥ I'm addicted to cheese. All kinds, I'm not fussy. I have also found that the myth about cheese giving you strange dreams is true!

♥ And finally, deep down I'm a massive hippy that thinks everything happens for a reason, and for your greater good. I totally believe in fate. It keeps me sane! For this reason I'm not too worried about my future, the next 6 months as I try to establish myself as a self-employed lady-of-all-trades. I intend to work my posterior off, of course, but I do believe that life will take me where it wants me to go. I probably have my mother, who is a healer and angel author, to thank for this!

I think that is ten. I shan't be tagging anyone - you may all do this meme if you like, or not if you'd rather not! I shall leave it to your discretion. I'd best be off and get back to 'work'.


Fleur xx

Photo by Mr Clayton Hartley


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