More Chappishness, chocs & vintage galore

Dear readers, I'm not feeling terribly well today. But a few things have cheered me up immensely!

Firstly, I was delighted to discover that I made it onto the national news in a video about the 2009 Chap Olympiad, not appearing merely once, but twice! I'm right at the beginning, and again watching an event with own chap about a minute in. Have a look!

It captures the spirit of it rather well I thought!

While at the Olympiad, I was lucky enough to receive a belated birthday present from my very good friend Sophie Jonas, the creator and head chocolatier of There May Be Truffles Ahead, her recently started confectionery business. The gift was, as you may imagine, a selection of her finest chocs, and they were devoured rather quickly over the last few days. But I have to say, that is any of you Brits out there are looking for unique, and not to mention delicious, gifts or wedding favours, do get in touch with Sophie, I've never tasted such gorgeous sweets. And I have eaten a lot of sweets in my time!

Finally, before I go and relax with a cup of tea and my libarary book pile, a few vintage clothing insider tips for you.

I referred to Vintage Secret in my last entry, because I styled owner Naomi's hair for the Olympiad, but I also met the wonderful Katie, who handles their PR, at Hep Cats Holiday. I have just been informed that VS's new Summer 2009 collection is now available for viewing on the website. Vintage Secret have been featured by some of the biggest newspapers and magazines in the country, and, having visited Naomi's boudoir myself, I can vouch for the incredible array of outfits and homewares that she has on offer, not to mention the five-star treatment that any potential VS buyer will undergo upon her (or his!) visit. I'm going to be going as a prospective buyer myself soon, with a few of my vintage friends and I can't wait! I just adore the colour of this 50s day dress:

How I wish it was my size! Vintage secret are also starting to do crockery hire as well, providing matched sets for 4 people up to 14, with mixed sets for up to 100 people. Then there is the new styling service, where VS bring the tea party to you. How incredibly civilised!

Another rather exciting new website is Frau Braun, the launch party for which, I have been invited to next week. The interesting thing about Frau Braun is the way the clothes are modelled, all are self-taken photographs by 'real women' and it definitely makes for a fun browsing experience. Do have a look, and I will report back after the launch party!

Yours, as ever,

Fleur xx

(Trying not to crack up... notice the terrible chalkboard writing!)


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