What I wore - 19th July

Presenting... a gratuitous outfit post! In fact, this blog has no substance whatsoever, it is vanity, pure and simple. I usually like to bury my outfit photos in some kind of other subject matter, but I have nothing interesting to say today!

I went to visit my parents to discuss my plans for the future, and my week ahead, including what to ask the HR people regarding my redundancy. I have a horrible feeling that I am stuck in my office for another two months at least, which fills me with dread as I shall be both totally unmotivated and itching to move on. Sigh!

Anyway, my lovely Dad was imposed upon to take some pictures of my outfit, using my camera. And here they are!

Vintage late 40s-early 50s Swirl dress in mustard yellow
with black, rather fractal-like abstract print
Black Remix Briarcliff wedges
Black carved bakelite bangle
Yellow and grey shell screw-back earrings

This one has lovely latticework on the pockets and neckline.
(Goosebumps in July, who'da thunk it?

These earrings match the dress so perfectly!
I found them n the bottom of a big box of vintage earrings,
loose, with no broken bits. These shell earrings are so delicate,
it was nothing short of miraculous!

My shoes are Briarcliff wedges from Remix.
They are a reproduction of a 1940s playshoe, and are so incredibly comfortable.
These are my second pair and I love them to death, although it has been said
that they look like orthopaedic shoes. Not by me though!

Now for a hair closeup!

Victory rolls on top and rolled up at the back.
The lipstick is MAC Viva Glam I.

And because people often ask me what the back looks like... ta-daaa!

It was rather windy, so ignore the flyaway bits!
I used the same rat that I use for my faux bangs to create this back roll.

And that's that! Here endeth the gratuitous outfit post, I leave you with one final shot, during which the wind obliged me with a bit of extra oomph to show off the skirt of my Swirl!

Hope everyone had a good weekend. See you all next week!

Breezily yours,

Fleur xx


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