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Good morning!

I just had my final consultation meeting at work, and I'm glad to say that my leaving date has now been confirmed. My last day of office drudgery will now be the 29th of August, meaning that I finish just before the bank holiday, and am then free to pursue my new career. Hurrah! I'm also delighted to say that I have some more new pictures to show off, which I love! I finally discovered that I am allowed to show these off to you, which were taken during the shoot I did for What Katie Did, back in May. Shona (whose clothes I'm wearing) and I were unsure as to whether they would be going into the forthcoming book on lingerie over the ages, which has been put together by Katie and Tony 'Nylons' Rusecki. Tony has recently moved and was really busy with that, meaning that I hadn't managed to get hold of him to ask for confirmation that I could post them. But now I have, so here they are!

Picture by Tony, clothes by Heyday again!

By the way, the 40s blouses I'm wearing in these pictures are not on Shona's site, so get in touch with her if you're interested in one.

It's funny, because my very first ever shoot with the Hourglass produced a very similar picture to this, but the old faithful cheesecake pinup 'oops' idea is always a lot of fun to do. I wish you could see my fab black 40s repro platforms, so you'll just have to pretend they're there! What was rather amusing was that a pair of walkers came past, an older man and a younger one, and the older one stopped and asked me if I needed any help, despite Tony being there with his camera pointed at me, Shona, Katie, her husband and their daughter all mere yards away watching! "No, thank you, we're doing a photoshoot," Shona told him, and he wandered on a few yards before stopping, asking us if we were sure, and then being shooed off, but turning back to look every yard or so until they were out of sight. Bless him, I'm sure he'd not seen a sight like that in decades!

Picture by Tony, clothing by Heyday, shoes from Rocket Originals
and nylons from What Katie Did's CC09 range - perfect for autumn
(and this terrible British 'summer' we're having, actually)

What you can't see very well in the above picture is the delicious French Fancy cake in my hand, which I promptly scoffed after the shoot. And after posing with, and indeed riding upon, that vintage bicycle, I really want a bicycle of my own now! Because I lack the knowledge and dedication to maintain a vintage one, I would really love a vintage looking one instead. I would give my right arm for a Pashley Princess, left, (although it might be hard to keep my balance riding with one arm), but they're expensive (rightly so since they are handmade here in Blighty) at around £420 and my newly redundant position means extravagance is out of the window for now.

I might though, with my payoff, treat myself to the Princess-alike Dawes Duchess, right, to potter about on. It's about £250 pounds on some sites, and actually might be easier to ride as it has 7 Shimano gears, as opposed to the Princess's 3. I wish I lived in a proper English country village, so I could cycle about pretending I'm in an episode of Miss Marple or something. I may just do that anyway!

Tee hee! It's really hard to pose on a bicycle,
so please forgive me if I look a bit awkward!

In other news, literally, I was thinking back to my last shoot with Tony before this one, at Rhythm Riot, and I was delighted to see a lovely lady's gorgeous creations in the national news! On one of the evenings I saw a girl in the most divine, Shaheen inspired dress, in shimmering raw silk fabric, and I had to ask her where she got it. It turned out that she was the designer, and though I didn't catch her name, she did give me a postcard of her 'Bombshell' dresses and told me to come to her chalet to try some on, if I liked. Sadly I couldn't, as I was shooting with Tony, but I discovered today that her name is Katya Wildman, and that her dresses are going down an absolute storm in the celebrity set! Nigella Lawson was in the news for buying up 12 in different colours (though who knows if this is actually true), and, according to Vogue, the shops stocking her can't keep the dress in stock! Although it does point out the pitfalls of such success - go to a party and you might see another girl in the same dress, although NINE at one party is incredible! Great news for Katya, and I now really wish, even more than before, that I'd been able to come and try some on, because I could have been a real trend setter, by owning one six months earlier than the fashion pack!

Image from the Vogue blog

Congrats Katya, and I can't wait to see your next design! And I just realised this post was a bit of an impromtu V.I. Buys, featuring bicycles and lovely dresses. I aim to please. ;)


Fleur xx

PS. I entered into a rather heated discussion yesterday with someone who was republishing my blog feed to their own site, without crediting me properly - only the title was a link to my blog, obviously, because it was just skimmed off my RSS feed, and not the result of me submitting my article to them through proper channels. This person swore blind that this is the entire point of RSS feeds, that they knew this having spent x years in the web industry, and that by choosing to have a feed I am giving anyone carte blanche to repurpose my content, which it is patently is not - they are for people to read your blog in an aggregated news reader, like Google Reader or Bloglovin'. To me, using my feed to republish without my permission was at worst theft, and at best, extremely impolite. Given that we cannot really stop people nicking our content these days, and as I was advised by a friend who knows his stuff that changing my feed to a snippet will just annoy my subscribers, I have had to resort to putting in a copyright line, which you will see below if you're reading this in a Reader. I am also making my signoff into a link back to my blog. So, sorry if it appears contrived or pointless, but I want anyone who does take it upon themselves to republish my content to be driving people to my real site. I have now grudgingly given permission to the person to use my feed, because they apologised and actually asked for said permission, which is all I really wanted in the first place. They just wasted a lot of time and hot air waxing lyrical about how they knew best, when all I wanted was for them to have the courtesy to ask me.

F xx


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