V.I Buys - morale boosters!

Chaps and chapettes, some good news and bad.

New York, 1929

The bad news is that yesterday I was made redundant from my day job. An occurrence better known to my Former Colonial friends as being 'laid off'. Yes, you heard it here first: I'm soon to be joining the ranks of the great unwashed, the Jeremy Kyle audience, the Loose Women viewers. I might even have to get back into Neighbours. But don't shed any tears for me lovely readers, because the good news is that I actually knew this was coming, and, recession aside, it couldn't have come at a better time for me! In fact, I am over the moon!

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! (Fred and Ginger, of course)

I have been seriously unhappy at work for far too long, and I almost resigned a month or two ago, because I was becoming overwhelmed by the feeling that my job, indeed my entire career so far, was not what I am really meant to be doing. All my adult life, I have had two opposing opinions from my parents, my mother believing that you should follow your heart, and that anyone can do anything they put their mind to (she has had three completely different careers herself, always moving on when she became bored or unhappy); and my dad, who always told me that a job is a job, no one enjoys working, it's just something you have to do to live, so swallow your pride and just get on with it; that sort of attitude. I have to say, being rather enormously materialistic where my wardrobe is concerned is largely responsible for me sticking with a job I loathed, every time I mustered up the courage to quit, I would think about all the things I wanted to buy, and before I knew it, another 6 months had passed.

But no more! The decision has been made for me, I am actually being paid to leave, and now I have no excuse not to go out and try something different. I'll soon be seeing if I can't make some of my hobbies start paying for themselves, and trying my hand at event management, which I believe I will be rather good at. So watch this space for more news about all the exciting projects which I have been lining up over the last few days. These projects involve everything from creativity, to clothing, to comestibles. I can say no more but please do stay tuned if you'd like to be the first to know.

However, positivity aside, being laid off is not remotely fun. Being told that you're officially the least useful member of your team is always going to be rather upsetting, whether you allowed yourself to sink into this category, as I did, or not. There were a lot of tears shed yesterday. So I do feel in need of a pick-me-up, and am considering doing as 40s girls my age did, and turning to that old morale booster of WWII - a new lipstick!

It does still seem to be true that when times are tough, lipstick sales pick up, as women tend to pick small ways to treat themselves. The lipstick that I would love to try, however, is not really in the recession-friendly category, but it certainly would lift my spirits!

Bésame Cosmetics is a wonderful company, who specialise in vintage inspired makeup products, designed "to make women feel glamorous and unique". And they certainly do that! I have a few of the original Bésame products in my posession - the trio pictured above, consisting of a lovely pink lipstick, blusher and loose powder; and a lipgloss that tastes of chocolate. The lipstick and the blusher come in gorgeous, gold plated containers and the powder in a bakelite one. Just marvellous! However, they withdrew all their old products a while back and have just relaunched their lipsticks with this incredible Voluptuous Lip Colour Set.

Now in sleek black packaging, the set comes with:
  • A pigment rich Voluptuous Lip Colour lipstick encased in a high gloss enamel tube
  • A velvety travel sleeve for the lipstick
  • A matching automatic lip pencil
  • A hand crafted lipstick brush ergonomically designed to fit perfectly between your thumb and forefinger for a precise application.
  • A detailed lipstick application guide
Now, I'm not sure how practical it is to sell them only as a trio, I have a feeling one could end up with an abundance of pencils and brushes, and at $35, it's not cheap if you only need to replace the one. But it's such a beautiful little set, isn't it? I wonder about its staying power, as that is the main reason I am so devoted to my beloved MAC. But nonetheless, I would be willing to give it a try. I'll take one each of the Red Velvet and Rapture Rose, please! ;)

That's all from me for this week, hope you all have a splendid weekend. I am off to ponder exciting new projects. Here's to a brand-new start!

Chocks away!

Fleur xx

PS. I did already cheer myself up this evening, with that so-very-British of dishes, Fish 'n' Chips.

I also slathered it in curry sauce, but that made it look even less appetising. It was, however, delicious.


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