What a weekend!

My first Goodwood Revival visit is now well and truly over, and I say that with equal measures of regret and relief.

As I mentioned in my last post, I was there on behalf of Vintage at Goodwood, a new event conceived by Lord March and Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway which is to take place next August. Because I was there working, doing three catwalk shows a day and promoting the new event, the time I had to explore the Revival itself and take pictures of the sights was extremely limited, although the vintage fans that read my blog will be glad to know that I didn't neglect my outfit photos! And there are a lot of them... so be warned!

But let me begin at the beginning. The first day of work was Thursday. I went up in my car to Naomi's house in Hackney, to fill it up with fabulous wonders from Vintage Secret, who had been asked to stock the on-site Emporium with everything from dresses, to menswear, hats, cravats, gloves, and even vintage crockery. We went off in a convoy down to Sussex and sailed through the gates with our passes in hand. I felt terribly important! We unpacked and set up the shop ready for the grand opening on Friday. Unfortunately, Friday morning came all too early and I arrived at 8, having set off on my half hour journey over an hour before... my first lesson is that motoring enthusiasts are early birds!

Let me show you the Vintage Emporium.

Wayne and Gerardine had outdone themselves with the design of the shop. The walls were covered with vintage illustrations, and the interior was awash with vintage paraphernalia - old radios, record players, mid-century furniture. The hangers were topped by ladies' heads, the counter was an old habardashery one, and the changing room was a circular cubicle papered with old magazine covers. Fantastic! One side of the shop was transformed into a vintage beauty parlour, run by no other than the legendary Nina. The lady herself came down on the Sunday, but her amazing stylists Leila and Sammy were on hand to create some fabulous dos.

As the female model for the Vintage at Goodwood catwalk shows, which were all curated by Katherine Higgins of Antiques Roadshow fame (and a really lovely lady); I had to do three changes of outfit and two changes of hair and makeup each day. This meant that I had to choose practical wrap dresses. How convenient, then, that I collect Swirls! But I'll show you the outfits in just a second as they pale into insignificance next to the ones I modelled! For the purposes of the shows, my name was Pamela... Fleur not being an appropriately vintage enough name (despite the fact that I was named after the character in the Forsyte Saga, published in 1920!), though my model 'husband' James (really Naomi's boyfriend) got to go by his real name.

First up, it was the swimsuit show! Set in 1957, I dressed in an original, deadstock Kittywake bathing suit and some faux pearls, and sashayed around the stage with a beachball. The sunglasses are by Bartex and I got to keep them, hurrah! James had on a fantastic Jantzen shirt and shorts in canary yellow. Wish I had a picture!

The second one was set in 1958, and I was in a beautiful dress by Linzi Line. Thin straps, boned bodice, matching belt and bolero - just divine! I had a white clutch bag, white gloves and white stilettos to complete it. These shots were taken during the Friday show. There were some much better (posed) shots of this outfit taken on Saturday - hopefully they will turn up so I can show you! While James did his turn in a great pair of trousers, shirt and wool jacket, I stood behind my vintage ironing board and read Woman's Own!

Last, but by no means least, here I am as Pam in 1968!

What a scream! Beehive hairdo, late 60s minidress and white go-go boots, leather mac and a lovely lace-overlay handbag. I hope I find a photo of the amazing sunglasses I wore... you will love them! We had an original Mary Quant hanging on stage for me to hold up to myself... sadly it was way too small to actually wear! James had an original Polaroid to ham it up with while I was strutting about. What do you all think of the new 60s me?

So, those were the fashion show garments; what about my daily outfits? I have to confess, I could not compare to some of the incredible ensembles seen on other ladies. Furs, hats, original Dior dresses (there's a lot of money at Goodwood!), I only wish I had had more time to snap them. Most of my photos were taken within half an hour on each day. But here are my outfits... for what they are worth!

On Friday, I wore one of my newest Swirls, a deadstock white with blue flowers number.

I paired it with a short-sleeved, vintage inspired navy cardigan and my navy Kedettes wedges. On the left is the lovely Shona of Heyday, whose brand-new repro creation I am modelling on Thursday at a steam railway... so exciting! The Swirl itself is lovely - tiny blue flowers, ruffled neckline and heart-shaped pocket with tiny bow. It was deadstock too!

Saturday was Ladies' Day so I wore my favourite dress again. I adore this dress, as you may be able to tell by how often I wear it to big events! The hairdo by Leila was also my favourite, I need to learn how to do updos on myself.

In the top right is a shot of Naomi and I behind the vintage counter and the bottom right is the gorgeous Darhling and Paddy from the Fedora Lounge, whom I was privileged to meet for the first time. I had my big vintage sunhat on later, but no shots, sadly. I accessorised with a fan as you can see, it was a scorching day!

Finally, Sunday. It was a day of extreme fatigue, we were running purely on adrenaline I think. There are no photos from the morning, only from when I had my 60s hair done for the 3pm show... and this was my favourite of my 60s hairdos!

I'm in my pink Swirl with my blue Kedettes and my blue Lumured handbag, which I had on Friday too, since it went so well. Naomi and I had a chance to look at some of the lovely vintage cars, and I managed to squeeze in a visit to Shona again, who was looking lovely.

By Sunday night, I was a dead woman walking, but it wasn't over until we'd broken down the shop and packed it into the cars. I had to queue for over half an hour on the Goodwood racetrack with tons of 4x4s and vans pulling race-car trailers, I think I am officially half-poisoned by carbon monoxide! I finally arrived home this morning to see my kitties and read my emails. I leave you with a couple more vintage fashion pictures, including one of me with the absolutely delightful Raskal Kosher!

Clockwise from top right: My parents, mum in her best 20s-inspired outfit; Katherine Higgins in one of her original 60s dresses, with the glam Claire from Nina's just seen; Chris and Liz, 50s ambassadors and lovely people; Katie from Vintage Secret with Naomi; Naomi and James, her boyfriend and my 'husband' for the weekend'; Naomi in all her glory; Shona with Jenny and Susanne, her fab helpers; the GlamCabs girls (see Carry on Cabbie for details); me with Rascal, who is beautiful and petite, and I look like the Jolly Pink Giant that I am. (I awarded myself a 'Best in Show' rosette for all my hard work haha); and in the middle Katie from WKD with Chris, Liz, DJ Simon 'the Preacher' and girlfriend, Tatiana. I wish I had a shot of Harry and Edna from Home Front Friends, whom I met for the first time, what a lovely couple!

I had a sit-down chat with Wayne about the inaugural Vintage at Goodwood event, and if it is anything close to what's being planned, it'll be an absolutely amazing festival. Unmissable for vintage types, in fact! Imagine a whole town, split into quarters by high streets, each dedicated to a period in time. There will be music, fashion and food from Britain in the 1940s to the 1980s. I will be posting lots more information as time goes on, but mark the dates in your diaries: August the 13th-15th 2010.

I can't wait for next year's Revival, at which I hope I can be a guest and see some racing. Though really, if you want to see more cars and action shots, I'm afraid this isn't the blog to read! ;)

All the very best to you all,

Fleur xx


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