Sweet as sugar - Dolly bags!

You may remember a couple of months ago I did a post about a lovely friend of mine, and one talented lady, Dungaree Dolly. She'd kindly sent me a beautiful, fruit-print Carry All bag to model for her, which I was absolutely delighted to do. Well, I've been at it again, this time with her super-cute Bowling Bag!

These were taken after my Watercress Line shoot for World War II Re-Enactor's Magazine, right at the end of the day. I did ask permission from the editor of the magazine, as he is still keeping the final front cover artwork very hush-hush for now! Luckily he didn't mind at all. But what about the bag? Well, it's a lovely, spacious design, and it comes complete with durable vinyl handles. She has an array of gorgeous fabrics, but mine is in a cupcake print, as you can see, and I wanted to wear it with my baby blue Dixabilly cardigan as it matched so well. Unfortunately, it was really hot, so the cardi soon came off!

I was hoping the train wasn't going to leave in that one above! Luckily it was one of the good, old-fashioned slam-door trains such as I used to catch to college back in the day; so if necessary I could have done a daring, flying leap onto the platform, Lara Croft style!

I'm actually using my bowling bag as a totally fabulous vanity case - it had all my shoot makeup and hair essentials in it. That's the beauty of Dolly Bags, they are all so versatile as well as being rather practical - they're 100% washable and barely need the touch of a iron to keep them in perfect shape. Can you tell I am a huge fan? I've been buying Dolly's products for years and use my carry-all on a daily basis, so it was an absolute joy and honour to model for her again. I am actually about to place yet another order, this time a surprise present for my best friend. Shh!

Best be off!

Fleur xx


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