First day of freedom

What a feeling! To get up and know that as of this very day, I am my own boss! I began the day with a leisurely breakfast and made up a batch of shortbread, had a long shower and began to calmly iron my outfit for the day. Then the phone rang, and I had a half-hour chat with a fabulous person about a very exciting evening (more on this in a later post)... and then the lady of leisure dream quickly faded as I realised I had to leave for a meeting in 10 minutes. I frantically threw my clothes on, put on my makeup at light speed, ran around the flat trying to find my keys and then rushed out the door to have lunch with Tony Nylons.

Tony and I talked about his forthcoming magazine Nylon Flash, which, as you'll see from that link, started out as a newsletter featuring pictures of ladies in stockings and faux vintage lingerie. Not overtly suggestive, unless fully-fashioned stockings make you weak at the knees... in which case you'll be in heaven! But Tony has bigger ideas for his publication, and wants to turn it into a proper magazine, with photostories, poetry and even recipes. As he is a pictures man, he needed a words man, and I am the wo-man for the job! I'm actually gracing the cover, as well as the inside, of the next one... But you won't be able to see unless you buy a copy! Get in touch with Tony if you do want to.

So, that's yet another exciting project that I'm getting involved in. Next up for me this week is a talk I am doing tomorrow night at the Betty Blythe Fine Food Pantry in Shepherd's Bush. It's going to be a brief overview of vintage clothing and my own take on fashion and etiquette, and the event itself is a private one for Qype. We're hoping to make these WI-inspired, Betty Blythe Society talks a regular occurrence though. I am going to start up a mailing list soon, so any of my lovely readers wanting to know about all the talks, parties, events, and goings-on I'm involved in can sign up.

Anyway! This is a rather boringly wordy post, so how about I show you what I wore yesterday?

These photos were kindly taken by my brother Guy. I'm wearing a Swirl dress that I don't believe I've photographed before. It's a blue gingham one, with pink and green flowers embroidered on the bodice and pockets. I usually wear it with my peach cardigan, but that has been in two recent posts, so I fancied a change. Yellow and blue is my favourite contasting colour combination, so I paired it with this modern yellow cardigan from Dorothy Perkins, and my yellow Miss L Fire wedges. Which are, coincidentally, on sale now at ASOS. Luckily they don't have my size left, or I would be cross!

For a change, and to be slightly kinder to my hair, I decided to do a set using my infamous, 'good for nothing' Remington hot rollers. They leave me with a much looser wave, especially at the ends, which I don't much like, but set in the same pattern as my Hot Sticks, in a pinch they will do a reasonably 40s-esque style. Here is a closeup of the dress, and my 'do.

So says the Swirl hang tag!
(Thanks to the creative talented gals like Casey and Solanah, for collage inspiration. I can only dream of doing ones as nifty as them, so please just humour my efforts!)

Back again soon!

Fleur xx


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