The mysterious model!

In my post about 40 Winks, I mentioned that the very lovely David had a large photo in his office, that I glimpsed, and thought looked like 50s supermodel Jean Patchett. Well, as soon as he read my post, David emailed to say he'd bought the photo recently, and knew nothing about it. He asked if I really thought it was Jean, to which I replied that I wasn't sure - I'd need to see it again. He then sent me photos of the picture, and clearly, it isn't Jean at all, or any of the usual (to me) suspects. So I thought I'd ask my knowledgeable blog readers, do you recognise this woman?

She looks so familiar, but is that just because she has that quintessential 50s fashion model look? Slightly Audrey in the mouth and chin, slightly Jean in the eyebrows?

If anyone can solve the mystery, David and I will be ever so grateful!

More exciting tales to tell you all tomorrow, mostly relating to tea and cake!

Fleur xx


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