Tights, Camera, Action

Last week, I had the honour of being invited to the very fancy Wolford shop in Westwestfield to attend an event hosted by my very lovely friend Bangs and a Bun. Isn't she gorgeous?

This idea was to introduce me, and all the other glamorous attendees, to the A/W collection from Wolford, which is an old and very prestigious company... and to eat delicious canap├ęs and drink fizzy pink wine. Always a winning combination!

Wolford has been around since 1949, and since then has been known as a purveyor of fine-quality hosiery. It's all my mum used to wear in her power-dressing days in the 1980s, though it must be said, the prices do put it out of reach of many. Still, Wolford's products are very well-made and tights apparently last for eons, according to their devotees. What most people don't know (myself included) is that they do lots of ready-to-wear clothing, lingerie and 'leg-accessories', all of which I got to peruse over the course of the evening.

Wolford's shapewear is for those who don't necessarily want authenticity and powerful girdling, but more for smoothing out under tight dresses, and their bondage-inspired tights and accoutrements are more daring than anything you might find at vintage repro boutiques... but they looked amazing on the models (and Bangs). There are some awesome polka dot and seamed numbers on offer too.

I loved Bangs' talk and stunning DJ Radi Dadi, who always plays excellent tunes. I saw (or rather heard) her at Work It during Notting Hill carnival, and at the Run Dem Crew birthday party a few days before.

The Wah Nails lady was hard at work doing some stunning nail art, though the queue for her services was too much for me. Next time!

And this is what I wore... 

My trusty Mexican peasant outfit from Pinup Parade
My Swedish Hasbeens
No actual hosiery as I cling onto the dying days of summer

...my vintage Mah-Jong bracelet that's been languishing a while!
(Plus my ever-present Nike+ Fuelband)

Thanks to Bangs and the Wolford team for having me - you can expect to see me in my spotty tights on here once the autumn sets in!

Fleur xx


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