Fleur vs the Pavement

You know I love running. Despite the fact that I put weight on this year, because I used my regular running as an excuse to eat more than I used to, then let the regular running become rather more irregular... well, a gain was inevitable, really. But I've got back into it lately, combining it with an exercise DVD called the 30 Day Shred (more on this at a later date) and starting up weekend long runs again. And about time too, because I have two, possibly three half marathons to run in October this year.

I do feel healthy, and my smaller vintage dresses have started to fit me again, like this 1940s pinafore...

 vintage 1940s pinafore
shoes c/o Bali Elf


Take heed readers, for it turns out that, far from the healthful and toning exercise you and I took it for, running is in fact an extremely dangerous sport. When combined with general malcoordinated-ness that characterises my every day, that is.

I went out last Sunday with a group of glamorous running girls, with the intention of setting off on a 13.1mile jaunt around the mean streets of Hackney. Well the mean streets were just that, since they decided a very short distance into my run, to trip me up and then PUNCH ME IN THE FACE. 

By which I mean I fell over, landing on my knee, hand, shoulder and eyebrow, in that exact order.

I actually managed to run a further 9 miles after that (thanks to the first aid administered by the gals in the form of sympathy, tissues for blood and the few tears that squeezed out, and a cupcake plaster), before a headache made me decide to wimp out and I called it a day. I then spent the rest of the afternoon in A&E getting the wound glued as I was worried about concussion and facial scarring. I am proud of these eyebrows, man. I will be gutted if I lose half of my left one to concrete.

Ah well. I've had to take three days off running and shredding while I wait for my horribly painful weeping friction burns to stop stinging so much... But while I wait to restart it, has anyone else done the 30 Day Shred? I've taken my starting measurements and am going to chart the effects once I've finished the program! Let me know if it worked for you.

Tomorrow... King's Ginger goes to visit the Queen, and the ghd hairdryer winner - go enter if you haven't already!

Fleur xx


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