Maritime Monday

As much as I would have liked to have spent Monday by the seaside, on a canal, or even at a Lido; unfortunately, I had to spend it indoors. Working, and doing other such boring things.  But at least the location gave me the opportunity to do another outfit post!

Everyone loves a cheeky bit of nautical fashion, don't they? Well, if you don't, shh! I do - you'll have seen me in all sorts of navy trousers and stripey numbers over the last four years of this blog. Well, I'm feeling pretty proud of myself for having just managed to put together an entirely new and never-before-seen outfit combo! I've created a kind of 1960s sailor girl look, embracing my new love for (and indeed current need of, given the heat) short skirts; not to mention some snazzy new shoes!

Ahoy! Here we have a high-waisted full mini-skirt, bought when I was trying to be all retro when I went running. It was cute to run in, but the fabric at the waist made it hot, so it got relegated to normal wear, though I don't wear it too often, really. T-shirt is an old stripey favourite from years back... and the inspiration behind the outfit, my smashing new navy & white boat shoes, which I absolutely adore.

T-shirt - H&M I think...
Shoes - c/o Chatham Marine

Ignore my speckly legs, please! But, with my hair all piled up like this, it definitely looks more 60s than it does 40s... or 50s... or even modern, don't you think? Anyway, I must away and so I salute you all!

Hold fast you landlubbers!

Fleur xx


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