House proud

Just a quick thank you to one of my more recent sponsors, and a sometime writing client of mine too - the lovely company that is Vivien of Holloway

Hopefully, summer is on its way, and for those of you out there who favour a more casual look, there are some seriously cute and comfortable housedresses in the Viv shop these days.

There's the Peggy Lee, which is perfect for running around in, pretending to water some already completely waterlogged plants... ;)

It's made of a textured, linen-y cotton mix that's easy to wear. I paired it with navy blue... a little bit patriotic and certainly Jubilee friendly!

In honour of the late, great Peggy Lee herself, here's my all-time favourite songs of hers. Also featured on the Fallout New Vegas soundtrack. Bit melancholy, but it's a nice contrast to the bright frock!

If you're more of a button-down kind of gal, the Tea Dress is pretty and practical.

I love the shoulder pads (I'm all about shoulder pads at the moment), and the seersucker type fabric didn't need any ironing. Massive win, since I hate ironing, and yet am chained to my board most of summer.

Modern hair meets vintage repro... what do you think??

Do visit Vivien of Holloway to see all these casual classics and of course her ultra glamorous partywear ranges. Thanks to Ms Viv for being such a lovely sponsor. :)

Fleur xx


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