iPhone Italy

Well hallo there!

If you follow myself or Naomi on Twitter, over the last few days you might have seen us plastering the internets with photos of our trip to Tuscany. Despite the fact that I went and came back, I'm still in mild disbelief that I got to have such a wonderful time, enjoying (read: overindulging) on so much amazing food, wine and LIFE!

There will be write ups, oh yes there will (and so very many photos); but in the mean time, here are some Instagram snaps.

Stand by for a proper review of this most marvellous excursion, but because I can't say it nearly enough: THANK YOU to Andrea and Beppe of the 500 Touring Club of Firenze for having us. They're the most fabulously kind and wonderful people and I am honoured to have met and spent time with them.

Three days and two nights of delight! I hope you'll come back to read the full story!

Fleur xx


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