Running vs Tweed

Bon-journo, as Del Boy would say!

Yesterday was a game of two halves and no mistake. It began at 6am with a rude awakening, a bowl of lukewarm pre-prepared porridge and some mild stressing, all because I was running my third half-marathon. At this point let me say for the record that I realise I did claim that I would try keep the sports stuff off this blog, but as reader after reader emails or comes up to me at events saying that I inspired them to either start or restart running (or other exercise), it's going to remain dotted around the other bits. Variety is the spice of life after all (though I do apologise once more to the exercise phobics among you)!

Anyway. It was an early one for a race - 8:30am; and I was not in any way feeling it the night before. Dreading it, in fact. I was not only going to have to run a really, really long way; but I was also going to miss something very fun (as you'll see below), but I am not one to cancel when I have made a commitment. So that may have been making me look forward to running said 13.1 miles in the cold even less... but the Run Dem Crew motto states, 'Go Hard or Go Home'... so there was only the one thing to do. At least I did it in some sort of style (I hope)!

In this picture you will observe: Exhibit A, which is some kind of semblance of retro running steez. Well, a pin curl and a bit of colour, anyway. I have my fringe in a miniscule roll, my RDC tee, my pretty turquoise Nike Lunareclipses, and the pièce de résistance - my Saucony jacket (which resembles nothing so much as Dazzle Camouflage. Tres WWI). I have no idea where these jackets can be bought as it was a gift from a very lovely person. Exhibit B is the 'gunfingers' pose, which should be busted out at every opportunity when running. Exhibit C in this image is the man in blue, who is giving me the typical 'WTF' look that all RDC members attract at events, because we don't look like 'proper' runners.

Anyway, I proved I am, in fact, a proper runner (aside from the pasta stains on my tracksuit bottoms), because I ran those 13.1 miles in 1:47:47, nine minutes faster than my previous PB set in February, and actually did my last mile the fastest of them all! I hit a bit of a wall at 10 miles and refuelled on jelly babies, rallied and stormed to the end! Chuffed is not the word, and next time... next time... I vow to wear red lipstick and break 1:45! Still want to get a group of red lipsticked vintage ladies together to do a race... let me know if you're up for it. ;)

After returning home after an unexpectedly long walk to my car (note to self, when finish line is nearly a mile from the start, park car close to former instead of latter), bathing, washing, blowdrying and styling, I went to catch the end of the a very different kind of run... the Tweed Run!

I'm a HUGE fan of the Tweed Run as you all undoubtedly know, and was, as mentioned, gutted to miss the main event. But it was announced after I had booked the half, and I am not a quitter. I wasn't going to miss ALL the fun though, so off I headed to the end party... Slowly, rather gingerly and cursing every flight of stairs as I went.

It was, by all accounts, an amazing day and a slightly odd one - not very many people we knew had managed to score a place in the lottery (though a very old school friend did!), and obviously I missed the ride itself, so my photos are few! I did capture my pal Pandora, who won the Best Dressed Dame prize for her amazing home-sewn tweed outfit (brilliant trophy, too)!

I got to spend a few magical moments with the fab Lady Velo, as pictured here with her chap and a friend. That girl has style by the bucket load, I tell you.

My dear Jeni Yesterday and her beau Hanson were there, of course.

Beloved Bethan looked a dream, as she always does. Especially with an enamel mug of tea. I, on the other hand, needed something slightly more isotonic after my exertions. So ale (and a pie chaser) was the only thing that would do!

I'm wearing my Jitterbug Bybee dress, with a vintage plaid jacket over the top, the only shoes I could get on without pain (gold sandals from Office), and a tankard of the aforementioned ale. Once we'd got this shot, Bethan continued to snap me as I walked toward her. Hilarity ensued (well, it was hilarious to us anyway)!

Thank you a million to Jacqui and Ted of the Tweed Run for having us, and rest assured, I will NOT be missing it next time. I leave you with my face as it so often looks, captured by Bethan in all its close-up, snaggletoothed glory.

Fleur xx


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