Vintage Hallowe'en

Just a quick one as I battle valiantly through the piles of work threatening to engulf me. I have so, so much to do before the party on Saturday and before I go away on holiday next Tuesday to Antigua... did I mention I am going to Antigua? I can't wait!!

But speaking of the party, I'm absolutely delighted to say that it's on the verge of selling out! We might have to remove the Paypal button on the site before Saturday. But there are a handful of places available still, so either book your tickets now or email me if you want to pay on the night. But hurry!

I've caught wind of some really splendid costumes, which are being put together especially for the occasion. Mine is a little bit half-hearted, in that I haven't bought anything new for it; but to keep in with the spirit and the Ed Wood theme, I am going to go as Vampira from Plan 9!

I am making the top out of the black American Apparel poloneck I wore for the Chap Magazine diamond thief shoot, and pairing it with a black pencil skirt (sadly I have nothing I could fashion a floor-length one out of) and a wide belt, with What Katie Did Morticia corset (how apt!) underneath! The hair and the eyebrows shouldn't be too hard... finished with a pair of black seamed tights and black shoes... and voila! I just need a bit of a boost in the cleavage department, but unless Wonderbra decide to sponsor me, that won't happen before Saturday.

I'm going to be hard at work on Friday collecting our Enchanted Wood scenery and baking some 'pumpkin bark' (a Hallowe'en version of my chocolate swirl) and Emerald is whipping up some bite-sized absinthe candy-apples. So make sure you arrive early, in order to partake of these special Hallowe'en comestibles.

Right, back to the grindstone for now!

Vampira xx

PS. If you were wondering what I wore last year - here's the post, and here's my costume! Quite different, I'm sure you'll agree! Tee hee


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