Hemsby - in pictures

My first Hemsby was rather an experience! I am still a bit of a weekender novice, I have to say. So, it was inevitable that I would forget several essentials, including items of food and styling equipment. However, I didn't forget anything I couldn't do without. What I could really have done without, though, was the incredibly arduous journey to Norfolk! It was supposed to take 3 hours and 20 minutes, but instead it took a gruelling 4 and a half hours... which may actually be the longest I have ever spent in my car! Suffice to say, when I finally arrived at half 9 at night, I didn't feel much like going out jiving, so a night in front of the telly would have to do. Luckily, Shona felt the same!

Saturday dawned cold and clear, and we set off to the stall to greet the early shoppers. As I was there in my official capacity as Heyday spokesmodel and assistant salesgirl, I donned a 'uniform' of sorts - in other words, a few of Shona's creations from my own collection. Except for the essential cardi as it was a mite chilly! After a day of selling, socialising and schmoozing, we popped back to the chalet to change and guzzle some wine before heading back out for some jiving. Here are my Saturday outfits in all their glory!

On the left, I am in my Heyday trousers and wrap top, navy blue Keds and an H&M cardigan. My evening outfit was a vintage late-40s dress and Rocket Originals wedges for dancing. The flower was also made by Shona!

On Sunday, we got up super early to get to the aforementioned carboot sale, in which I managed to snap up my wicker handbag and deco teaset. But I had appearances to keep up, so I had to make an effort, even with a mild hangover! It was lucky I did, since I was privileged enough to have a play with some seriously rare, glamorous and outrageous glasses, courtesy of Darren from Dead Men's Spex. More on this later, but here's a taster, along with my Sunday outfit!

I teamed my very well-loved green Heyday trousers with a blouse, also from there, and my equally well-loved Dixabilly bolero, and white plimsolls. The pale blue Tura frames on the right are nothing compared with those I have to show you in my next post... which is a shame since they are absolutely spectacular frames in their own right!

Darren was just one of the many lovely people I got to meet and talk to over the weekend. I also had the privilege of meeting a wonderful lady called Wendy, who is a hairdresser... we may collaborate on some projects in the future, so watch this space! I finally got to meet Danny from Milkcow Magazine, for whom I write a monthly column and articles. If you're at all interested in the 40s and 50s scene in the UK, then do have a look though the site... and maybe even subscribe! I haven't posted any of my columns online, and if you enjoy reading my blog, you will enjoy my Milkcow contributions too! I also said hello to the glamorous Di from Outer Limitz Clothing, who was looking smashing in her own creations all weekend. And I got to spend some time chatting to my friends at Rocket Originals and Freddies of Pinewood. Not a lot to show for it, but here are a few!

Clockwise from top: Me with Shona, with Darren and with Wendy and her husband.

What else is left to describe but the shopping! I am having to watch my pennies now, but I was window shopping all weekend... sometimes painfully so! Next to us was Debbie and Brian's vintage, which was one of the torturous ones. Debbie specialises in Lucite handbags, and she had some absolutely stunning examples. And I have now got my eye on a really unusual pair of frames from Dead Men's Spex... of course the most expensive on the stall! There was something for everyone at Hemsby though, from the real rockers to the glamour girls - clothing, accessories, hairflowers... or tattoos! We were opposite the tattoo parlour, so we were able to observe a steady stream of rockers getting teddy boys, daggers and their wives lipstick kisses inked onto various appendages. Fascinating!

I leave you with one final feast for the senses... and so you can get an impression of just how strong my willpower (or indeed empty my bank account) really is.

Clockwise from top left: lucite wonders, Rocket Originals stand, Outer Limitz clothing with Di and Pip the beautiful blondes, Shona's handmade hairflowers, more droolworthy handbags, and just a glimpse of Dead Men's Spex in the middle. You ain't seen nothing yet!

Back very soon!

Fleur xx


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