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Welcome to the next instalment of my top vintage inspired (and reproduction vintage) buys!

First up is a relatively newcomer to the repro vintage scene - Tarantula Clothing. They do a wonderful array of 50s basics, great for the rockabellas out there! The website features a plethora of reversible tops, circle and pencil skirts and gorgeous dresses galore. I have a pair of their Sex Kitten Capris and very sexy they are too!

The sizing is a bit funny compared to some other repro brands though so beware. They seem more suited to the 'modern figure', ie less than 10" difference between waist and hips. But they do come with a belt! Personally, if I have been disregarding the 'moment on the lips, lifetime on the hips' warnings, they are a bit on the ultra-tight side. And they aren't very forgiving, these capris! But I still wear them, and love them. Tarantula have also recently introduced cigarette pants, which I am coveting. But their most fabulous new item (in my opinion) is the Smoothie dress.

It looks straight out of a mid 30s Sears catalogue and is fully lined. I have one on order via my marvellous friend Helen from Pinup Parade, but she only has a tiny selection of them in. And sadly the smallest size they do is around a US8/UK12 so if you are smaller than that you may be out of luck. Tarantula are very plus-size friendly (unlike many other repro brands), so this may be why. But the dress is very cute, non?

Next up, some more top vintage inspired fashion from the UK high street. This dress was found by another friend of mine, Miss Matilda and is reminiscent some mid to late 40s dresses I have seen. It's from Monsoon:

I would probably either wear the belt with the bow at the back or replace it with a thin white or black belt, but that is just me! Or how about accessorising it with red?

Shoes (which don't quite match, but you'll have to use your imaginations!) are Irregular Choice Whitney Platforms from Schuh, very 40s inspired and look really great in person. The vintage 40s crocodile box purse is one I had my eye on at Wear It Again Sam, an amazing vintage shop I visited in San Diego a few summers ago. It's very small, which is why I haven't bought it! The belt is from M&S and the lipstick is (of course!) MAC Russian Red.

Finally, a gorgeous blouse that would work with any number of skirts or trousers, this time from Whistles.

Not very recession friendly at £75 but it is silk, and just look at the print:


That's all for now... except! Here's a sneak preview of the shoot pictures I will post tomorrow. So do remember to check back! (Click for a bigger version!)

All the best,

Fleur xx


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