Good Work

I've been freelance for almost three years now. If you've ever browsed my Hire Me tab above, you'll have seen the sorts of things I do to make my money, from writing work, to event design and management to occasional modelling. Mostly I enjoy it, sometimes, such as when I haven't got any outstanding invoices and money is slowly trickling away; it can be stressful.  Such was the case a couple of weeks ago, when I was starting to feel like I wasn't making enough of myself, or helping enough people. You know. Standard 30 year old, third-of-life crisis. Anyway, as if by magic, a tweet came along, advertising an internship at A Very Good Company. Sounds Good, I thought, har de har!

The internship was for the run-up to and duration of A Good Week, a national and international celebration of Good in all its forms, from charity work and volunteering, to saying 'hello' to a stranger or thanking your friends for being so fabulous. It's much broader than that, of course, but if you have a poke around on the website, should you be interested, you'll find out more.

Anyway, it's only been a short time, but the social aspect of being in an office, interacting with people (instead of dragging my carcass into the living room and speaking only to cats for day on end), has been wonderful! I'm in the heart of the East End, right by Brick Lane, it's challenging work but fun, and I think it might be the start of a bigger change in my life - or rather making a difference in other people's... however small.

Plus my co-workers let me do silly things like this...

And I enjoy being silly because I am a massive...


I'll be posting bits and bobs about my work at A Good Week, depending on whether I think you'll be interested (or I'm wearing a good outfit, you know, often one and the same in my life!), but I am really enjoying myself. 

Which is quite Good really! 

Some quick and dirty outfit details...

 Bernie Dexter Capris - bought new ones as my first pair were just too small
(or I put weight on, rather)
Super old H&M vest with horses on
Super old vintage inspired H&M cardigan
Some jazzy scarf I got free at the Company Blog Awards! 
Plus my Liberty x Nike AM1s which you can hardly see.

Hope you're all having a good week yourselves!

Fleur xx


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