Birthday Suit (again)

So Saturday was my birthday! I am now *cough*mutter*unintelligible* years old! Imagine that! I'm sure I don't look a day over 21. Whereas I do, in fact, look 10 years over 21.

I had a big ol' party in the evening, for which I was too busy enjoying myself to take many photos (though I did get one of the outfit), but instead here is what I wore to have lunch with my lovely mum and dad. My birthday suit!

My birthday suit is so called because it is a playsuit, and because I wore it on my birthday LAST year. A traditional Fleurday outfit (as of now). But I haven't actually posted me in it since last year, so why not! Paired with some Converse - the low-profiley ones, rather than the regular ones (technical terms).

It has a nice wishbone print, a lovely lime belt, some pockets, and the shadow of my mum's head taking the picture.

I wore it with my MOST FAVOURITE NEW THING(S) EVER, my new earrings. They are by GoGo Philip, and were a proper mission to find! I set my heart on some (after seeing them on a friend, I am ever the copier), and having not found any in Topshop where she got them, or online, I wrote plaintively to the PR company... who located some in Italy and was going to send me them direct, but they somehow all ended up on ASOS. Well I couldn't not buy them with my pretend Paypal money for £8, so I did... Expect to see me wearing them every day forever more.

Here's my latest trendy nail varnish job...

And here I am looking slightly smug under a tree!

So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed my birthday suit outfit - back soon with evening attire!

Fleur xx


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