Suburban style

Hello! Happy Friday! Here is an outfit post brought to you by my garden and its delightful environs.

Top: River Island
Jeans: c/o Vivien of Holloway
(sorry I'm doing so much c/o stuff... I'm just always excited to wear it!)
Belt: Mum's from the 80s
Shoes: Liberty x Nikes

Delightful, slightly broken fence
Mysteriously dry/dead grass despite all the rain
Lovely lush plants, thanks to all the rain

Pocket/bum/my lovely new grey nailvarnish

Tired face/earrings bought from Bow & Crossbones
Hair left au naturel as it's not enjoying the constant straightening...

Still loving the era clash of 1987 Nike design and 1940s Liberty fabric <3

Quite impressed with the lined-up-ness of the stripes on the chest pocket...
high street stuff ain't always shoddy! 

That's all folks... more soon! Have great weekends.

Fleur xx


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