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On Friday, I got to watch my best friend of fourteen years get married to her soulmate.

It was the smallest, most fuss-free and intimate wedding I've ever attended, with only a handful of guests drawn from family and closest friends, a simple dress bought off-the-peg from a high street shop, two flower girls for bridesmaids and a sit down meal in an amazing restaurant. But it was perfect, and wonderful.

We started off in a small registry office, where the bride and groom were married without fanfare, with just myself and the groom's nephew as witnesses, and his parents. But we then headed back to the in-laws' house in the rural countryside to get ready for the main event: a blessing in a beautiful little church (which doesn't have a wedding license, hence the slightly unusual proceedings). I did my darling Gemma's hair for her, in a simple, messily pincurled updo. And of course I had to have a pose by the wedding car, in my amazing Trashy Diva dress from Miss Bamboo. Having well got over my fear of showing my knees, I'm embracing shorter styles with aplomb now, as you can see!

 If anyone wants to hire me to look smug next to your vintage car, get in touch!

 The ceremony was heart-burstingly lovely, though the weather was shocking; and the bride's father, who is being cared for due to his Alzheimer's nearly didn't make it due to his carer getting the dates wrong... but make it he did, and he was on top form. I gave a reading, shed a tear, you know, the usual.

Bit of a Trashy Diva extravaganza with me in my Lucy Dots!
Flower girls could be THE most adorable ever.

I did take lots of pictures of the AMAZING food we ate at the restaurant, but I've posted a lot of those on the blog lately. What I will regale you with is the glorious wedding cake that Gemma made HERSELF. The chef at the restaurant came out from the kitchen to ask who'd made it as it was the best fruit cake he'd tasted, probably ever. So, if anyone needs a wedding cake made in Surrey, then let me know and I'll put you in touch ;)

Despite the heavens having opened and staying open all afternoon (it absolutely, completely poured), the sun did break through just as we were leaving to head home as the newly-weds headed off for a weekend away...


Hope you're all feeling full of joy and optimism this Monday... I know I am (for now!).

Fleur xx


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