Birthday Nuit

Sooo... following swiftly on from my last post about my birthday suit, which was in fact my outfit during the first, and indeed more sedate part of my birthday; I'm going to post a couple of pictures from the rather different second part(y). The PARTY!

...unfortunately, I was too busy enjoying myself to actually take any interesting photos. Sorry everyone! I did have the presence of mind to hand my camera to someone just after taking this photo, to capture the blowing out of the candle moment...

The three birthday people, Bethan, Torquil and I, blew out the 'Happy' candles, though we also had 'Birthday' of course. Thanks to the beautiful and lovely Gemma for the cake action. Then I realised I wanted to record my outfit...

So here's what I wore!

Yet another Primark peasant top, in mustard yellow
Vintage bangles in reds and yellows
The sign of the Horns!

And here is me, looking the most attractive I have ever looked, with my piece of cake (and more than a few gins inside me).

After the pub closed, I met up with a friend and went to a warehouse in an industrial estate in remotest east London, which was full of people in onesies and kigus dancing to hiphop and we had more drinks, and I can't even remember getting home, except that when I did it was at 6.30am. Sunday wasn't pretty.

Thanks for watchin'! I'll be back again soon.

Fleur xx


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