Wherefore art thou, spring?

I have so, so much to write up but life is kind of getting in the way at the moment. If you're reading this and I owe you a post - never fear, I shall get to it soon. I just want to have a quick moan about the weather. I am English, after all.

Side note: I do realise that 'wherefore' actually means 'why', but it seems appropriate anyway. Because this isn't like any spring I recognise! Man alive, it is nippy.

Two years ago next week, I was doing this.

The VM ladies and I were on a (somewhat staged) picnic in Victoria Park, because a French journalist was following me about for a story in Le Figaro, and he wanted some awesome pictures of the things I get up to for fun. Picnics are definitely something I indulge in (if that could even be the right term) in the summer, and the weather that day was glorious - warm enough for cotton dresses and no stockings.

I am so sad that this week, I am in vests, my sheepskin coat, scarf and a hat... I would have gloves but I left them at home, and my fingers may fall off from frostbite. People have died of exposure, snowdrifts have cut power in the North, my parents got snowed in AGAIN. I know other countries are also suffering, it's not just us. And there's literally nothing anyone can do. Nonetheless... WAH!

This photo amuses me a lot because I look like I'm walking in EXACTLY the same way my late grandmother walked... plus I'm dressed like her too. Must walk a little more elegantly though, channeling catwalk models should be where it's at.

They also snapped me at a shoot for Heyday's then-latest Fleur dress, which is on sale at the moment at a ridiculously low price (this wasn't an excuse to write about that but it's worth mentioning). Lovely Gordon Ayres was the photographer - he likes to pose his models!

The following weekend, we even went punting.

Anyway, this was a bit of an excuse to post these pictures again since Flickr ate them (stupid iPhoto) so my original post about it just has broken links. But mainly, I just wanted to reminisce about how nice it was back then. Hurry up summer. Please.

Fleur xx


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