Something for the weekend, sir?

Call me naive, but I just found out yesterday what that well-known phrase actually means. It's been the title of a weekend TV programme for years, but it apparently used to be something that barbers would say to their clients following a haircut or shave, whilst offering them a condom! The practice of handing out French letters with a nudge and a wink might have died off but classic barber shops definitely seem to be making a comeback. I don't often post things that appeal to chaps on here, so as it's Friday, here's something a little different!

I was in Sharps Barbers (in their Islington/Ben Sherman branch) the other day on a work-related mission, and while there I took some snaps of the owner Rory getting a cutthroat shave. It's a lovely small shop, full of vintage bits and plenty of modern but all with a classic twist (they are currently fitting out a big new venue in Fitzrovia too, which will be brilliant for men and women to visit). The fact that Time Out recently did a rundown of London's best barbershops is a strong indication of the rise in popularity in male grooming with a classic bent, and of course my beloved Chap Magazine goes from strength to strength (even if I can't seem to get anything published in there at the moment!).

I'm interested to know how many men I have reading my blog! So pipe up chaps... have you ever had a cutthroat shave and if not, would you?

Fleur xx


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