Tick Tock/Ric Rac

As the minutes count down towards Saturday, you'll forgive me for doing a few promotional posts to ensure that the very first Mafia night is a roaring success. We're already nearly 60% sold out, but this is the final push to prompt anyone who is sitting on the fence about attending to take decisive action!

We have some new acts and DJ sets to announce as well! Here's how the night will pan out (loosely, of course, we don't like to be too prescriptive!):

Doors open at 8pm sharp, as I play some smashing dance band tunes downstairs. We'll be serving a FREE drink to all our guests upon arrival - choose from a glass of Ginger Haze, our signature cocktail (actually a punch made from King's Ginger liqueur, apple and fresh lime juice with a secret ingredient), or a refreshing bottle of Jeremiah Weed alcoholic root beer! Guests will also receive their ticket to the Ric Rac Raffle...

Just before 9pm, Miss Gemma will regale the masses with some ukelele ditties, with some classics interspersed with reimaginings of popular music from this century. It will be splendid!

At 9.30pm, we will open the upstairs room with a set from the fabulous 1940s harmony group The Marjorie Belles! This delightful trio will whisk you and your ears right back to the golden era, and we are delighted to have them on the bill.

As the last notes fade, Miss Jennifer Yesterday will play a jive set upstairs, which will include a demonstration and mini class on the Stroll - a 1950s solo dance that everyone and anyone can do!

After that, All Fringe, No Knickers will take to the decks and play some Northern Soul, which may also feature a dance demonstration... stay tuned for that.

But the information you're really dying to know, I'm sure, is about the grand Ric Rac Raffle and the prizes which will be up for grabs. I can now reveal that we will have...

A bottle of No 3 London Dry Gin (worth £30)
A pair of Jeni's (vintage) Jugs (priceless)
A Daisy chain on Black Fleur dress (in your choice of size) - perfect for autumn (worth £80)
A facsimile of Fleur's Fanny... Hill - a particular heroine of ours (very valuable)
A giant pork pie (one for the chaps!)
A pair of Bethan's finest Buns (worth their weight in gold)
A set of Shirt Companions from gentleman's emporium Sharp and Dapper (worth £14.99)
A pair of Naomi's Knickers (new frilly pants, fresh from What Katie Did and usually £15)
A bottle of Glenrothes Special Reserve Whisky (worth £32)
A set of Lisa's very own Legwear (just kidding, it's an unopened pair of seamed What Katie Did stockings) (worth a look and usually five English pounds)
A pot of Gemma's Gentleman's Relish (worth hundreds of pence - don't say we don't spoil you, fellas)
A fabulous, custom-made and special edition hat from Strumpet, (worth a huge £50 and our eternal gratitude to the lovely ladies!)

The Raffle will be drawn at midnight sharp!

So, as you can see, not only will you get a free beverage, hours of entertainment and joy and the chance to hang out with London's finest vintage folks (and we don't just mean us, there are some wonderful people coming), but you might take home something to eat, drink, or wear with pride. Or 'lose' on the way home.

To be a part of this (probably) legendary night, then you simply must book your tickets now. They cost a mere £8 plus a small booking fee levied by Brown Paper Tickets. We have now closed our £8 advance door email list. This contingency has been put in place because we are going to have our night and an interview featured in this week's Time Out Magazine, which is published on Wednesday. We may well now sell out in advance, or we may get a huge rush of people on the night - the only way to guarantee a ticket is to buy one this week! (Those who've already reserved needn't worry, of course.)

We can't wait to welcome you on Saturday, it's going to be an absolute blast!

Fleur xx


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