My loss is your gain

Chapettes of the former colonies, please all take advantage of's mega Remix Vintage Shoes sale immediately!

I am heartbroken that the gits won't ship these shoes to the UK, because the Corazon Sandals I have been dying to get for the summer are on offer for only $80 (from $162):

Size (US) 10 for me please! ;)

They also have the stunning Spectator pumps (although not in navy, which is what I want) for $91 instead of $167:

I realise these prices are not necessarily cheap, but they are certainly a bargain for Remix. For those on this side of the pond, the lovely Clark's Originals shoes I posted about a while ago are also on sale.

Also in black and purple, down to £39 from £59. I am waiting to see if they drop further. Because I is well skint, innit.


Fleur xx


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