My 7 Days of Chic!

Chaps, this went up yesterday and I completely forgot to tell you all! You may remember me mentioning back in July that I was filming an outfit diary for FashionAir, well... here it is! Unfortunately I can't embed it, so you're going to have to watch it over there.

Fleur de Guerre's 7 Days of Chic!

It's rather fun to see what they edited out so it fit in the time, some of my outfits are lacking in explanation... and in the bit about my Betsey Johnson sunnies, they took out my line about how thoroughly they clash with my look - but I don't care! Love them anyway.

By the way, my 'striptease' at the end is kinda deliberately hammy - I have never and could never manage to do something like that in a genuinely sexy and seductive fashion, even if I tried! Shona was giggling away behind the camera, in fact all my cameraladies were. ;)

Do let me know what you think if you watch it.

Tinkety tonk!

Fleur xx


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