The 'Real Me' and an apology...

It seems the fates are against me doing this draw in a timely fashion. First, I spent the greatest part of today literally ransacking my own home to try and find my blasted paper driving license, before finally unearthing it in the very first place I looked - the filing cabinet where it should have been. Well done me. Then I went on a wild goose chase to try and find a working photobooth in my vicinity. I failed. Finally, when I got back, I could not find my scissors anywhere at all. I have written out the 400+ entries ready to be cut and drawn... but it will be at least one more day. Until I find the scissors. Or buy more.

So as not to make this a totally pointless post, I have a photo to share. I was tagged today by the lovely Cat over at The Vintage Housewife, to show a picture of the 'Real Me'. Here is a picture of me from Goodwood this year, taken by the super Claire Pursglove. It's fair to say (as most of my readers and friends, both on and offline, already know) that when I am not pretending to be perfectly poised and elegant, I am just a big nerd.

I pull stupid faces, snort when I laugh, swear gratuitously on occasion and generally am not nearly as glamorous as I wish I was! ;)

Back soon darhlings!

Fleur xx


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