Well that's settled then!

The vote for whether I should do Daily Outfit posts was unanimously a 'Yes'! So I will get my camera sorted and my apartment kept presentable and start doing them within the next month or so. My new lens will also enable me to do some vintage hair tutorials, which I've been asked for on several occasions. Just one thing - you all have to promise not to be highly disappointed in me when you see how un-vintage and un-finished my flat is! I'm talking half-painted doors and no kitchen floor! Ooops! :)

Today is an example of a day when I would not be doing a Daily Outfit post, because I am really not happy with my outfit today. Let me describe it to you. In fact, let me change my mind and make this the first of my Daily Outfit posts. I'm going to start on a low (so it can only get better from here!) and go take a (bad) picture with my iPhone, in the loos. Very glamorous! But I just wanted to show an example of how I almost get it right, then it goes horribly wrong at the last minute!

Today I am wearing: A pencil skirt made for me by Shona of Heyday, a flutter sleeved top from Dotty P, BLACK ( D: ) stockings from What Katie Did and shoes I got from a dance shop somewhere.

Can you see which part I am not happy with? I had to open a pair of black seamed stockings this morning because I didn't have a clean pair of nude or nude with black seam ones. Now, I am clearly in a minority here, because I never, ever wear black stockings in the daytime. Not black fishnets either. It just feels wrong to me - they are for the evening, in my book. And they CERTAINLY don't feel right when the sun is shining, perhaps if it was the middle of winter, I'd feel better about it. I should have changed when I realised I had no nude ones, but I tend to faff over outfits and I couldn't be late for work. I also feel rather like a goth with the amount of black. Fail!

I'm happy with my hair and makeup today though. My hairdo is just one of my quick and easy numbers as I didn't have time to wash and set it last night after swing dancing. Three small rolls in the front and a black chiffon headscarf. HOWEVER! The headscarf look really goes best with casual 40s trousers rather than a tight pencil skirt. But my hair needs a wash so it was Hobsons in regard to hair today.

So there we have it. A semi-unsuccessful (in my eyes) outfit, and my first D.O. post ever. I promise the quality will improve for the next one. :)


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