Dear body,

It's been almost two weeks, why can't you shake off this lurgy? Honestly, I am one of these people that's hardly ever ill, and I don't think I've actually been 100% *well* so far this year. I'm still waking up with a mouth like the Sahara because my nose is completely blocked. Bah!

Anyway. My lovely man has scarpered off to New York, again, leaving me bereft for another week. So I spent this weekend ruining my diet at my parents' house, and then embarking on a mammoth spring clean of my flat. This was partly due to the fact that despite Frontlining my cats every month, I combed one and found he still had some fleas. So that was it, I removed all the furniture from my bedroom (the only room with carpet), blitzed it thoroughly with spray and put everything back, but differently. I'm amazed at how much bigger it looks! I also reorganised my entire CD and DVD collections, stripped and washed the sofa cushions, and made vegetable soup from scratch. I am a domestic goddess! Or I would be if I hadn't got so exhausted at 8pm that I had to stop without finishing the rest of the cleaning. Still, I will finish it over the next few evenings. I am still very pleased!

I was delighted to receive a new picture from Rebecca Parker the other day. She'd been going back through her shoots from last year and found one she just had to edit! I think it's fab, but then I think everything she does is splendiferous.

A question for my readers ... would you be interested in 'Daily Outfit' type posts from me? My main reasons for not doing them are that a. I don't have a very good lens for my camera so it's hard to take them in my flat and b. I don't know if people would actually be interested! If enough people are, I will get myself a new lens and give it a go! So speak up now! :)

Fleur xx

PS. The good people responsible for last month's wonderful Blitz Party have just announced the date for the next one; it's on the 28th of March. Unfortunately I don't yet know if I can go, but I really hope I can. It is bound to be just as fab as the last one, if not better!


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