Yes... those are the noises I have been making most recently. I hate being ill, and indeed I'm not very good at it as I rarely do and don't have the patience to lie around in bed. Having said that, I'd rather be anywhere than at work...and preferably in bed!

However, I can't complain too much as I did just have a fantastic weekend in Marrakech! It was for an old friend's hen (batchelorette) party. Much haggling was done, much wine was drunk and much laughing was undertaken. Unfortunately, this meant that much money was spent. No more eating or spending until payday!

On our first day, we witnessed the most unbelievable, biblical deluge and electrical storm. We were on a roof terrace, undercover and still got pretty wet. Still it was spectacular! Here's me and my mint tea, just before the monsoon started!

I also had my first ever pedicure, and I'm going to have to keep it up now, I never knew it was possible for my feet to look so much better!
Doing what we do best - shopping. And yes, I am sooo much taller than all the other girls!

Here's me and the bride-to-be on our main night out. Sadly the lovely 'mood' lighting in our Riad meant that we couldn't see how much makeup we were putting on, and so I may have overdone the foundation slightly!

The Monday before I went away, I was privileged to be modelling at the at the IFB and Mademoiselle Robot London Fashion Week Dress Up Soirée. It was lovely to meet so many fabulous ladies, especially Melle Robot herself.

I got to model some truly divine dresses from Vintage Secret, and got to meet the gals from Queens of Vintage too, so it was a marvellous night all round.

Finally, here's the final picture from my Matt Frederick shoot. I went on another shoot not too long ago, the results of which look very impressive so far. So come back for more soon!

Fleur xx


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