Weddings, part a gazillion

Finally, my wedding season is over! I had a super busy day yesterday. I got up at 7, was in London at 10 for a photoshoot and then went back home and back up to London at 5pm for my aunt's wedding reception!

The photoshoot went fantastically well. The photographer, Stephen Thorne had come over from Canada for a short trip and I was delighted that he wanted to work with me. He had an idea for a picture that consisted of a vintage-clad girl standing in a crowd while blurry people pass all around. And, well ... I think we nailed it! He has sent me a few already, so here's a taster.

We shot these in the British Museum. We did get permission, but people thought I was working there as a human statue, and a few asked me where the cloakrooms were! My dress is one I haven't worn before, it's a repro from an early 40s Hollywood sewing pattern. It's actually in two parts so I can wear the skirt separately.

So then I went home at about 2pm, changed and picked up my younger cousins Amber, 13 and Scarlett, 12, and headed off to the wedding reception. I wore my Whirling Turban dress again ... had to get my money's worth from it!

I did my hair for the shoot/wedding in the style of Virginia O'Brien, whom I've blogged about before. Here she is:

And here I am, this is about 12 hours after I brushed it out!

Not a perfect replica, but I think it turned out quite well!

Here are a couple of photos from the wedding, you can find the rest on my Flickr.

My aunts Joanna (left) and Fiona the bride (in the middle), my younger cousins Alex (19) and Rupert (17), Amber and Scarlett and my gorgeous cousin Natalie, who's my age.

My younger cousin Alex (19) and I with Scarlett in the bottom. Alex is like a male version of me from 10 years ago ... the fashions and music have changed slightly, but it's still exactly the same!

My mum and dad, and my brother Guy and his girlfriend Louisa. (Poor mum!)

Everyone again with Natalie's fiance Richard and my uncle Richard!

I hope everyone had fab weekends too!


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