The day I overdosed on cake

Thanks all so much for your wonderful comments on my last blog. I'm glad to know I am not alone in my radical vintage mixing opinions...!

So then - Royal Wedding day. An occasion I professed to be slightly ambivalent about (yes, rather than ambiguous as I wrote in my last blog, genuine thanks to the polite pedant), but I will confess I found myself glued to the screen to see Kate's wedding dress. My viewing companion was rather less enthused by its Grace Kelly-esque lines, but I was enchanted, despite myself. So much so that I did arrive ever-so-slightly late for the street party in Vauxhall. I also got funny looks on the London Overground for being so patriotically dressed in my red, white and blue Fleur frock (with matching accessories of course), despite the ceremony taking place at that precise time and me not being able to watch it!

The street party itself was a marvel, with vintage-attired folks mingling with modern-clad residents, absolutely tons of food and drink provided for all to enjoy, including lashings of cake, champagne and Pimms.

I stroked a lamb called Willow.

Then I had the unpleasant task of judging the cake competition... looking at and tasting all these spectacular cakes. What a bind! That's my plastic tumbler full of champagne in the foreground. I'm all class, me.

We awarded first prize to a sculptural battenburg creation (seen below in yellow icing), which turned out to have been single-handedly made by this young chap! He clearly has a stellar career in baking ahead of him!

My friends and I all wore patriotic colours or generally regal attire... Bethan wore an amazing Swirl with navy crowns embroidered on the pockets, Red Legs aka Minna wore red polka dots, and Tiffany the Vintage Poet wore a gorgeous 50s frock and hat.

Miss Yesterday Girl arrived from work looking divine in a splendid new Puttin on the Ritz frock design...

The Royal Wahhh-ding:

We want to be princesses!

And the prize for most rubbish souvenir of the day goes to...

My sincerest thanks go to Harry and Grace Iggulden, and Freddie Lancaster of the Tea House Theatre for organising everything. It was such a smashing day. And somehow, I don't think we're going to look back on it with sartorial horror as everyone did for the 1981 Royal wedding... let's hope not anyway.

Hope you all had deliciously decadent weekends, darlings.

Fleur xx


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