Fun ting

I've been a member of the rather splendid New Sheridan Club for quite some time. They always organise the most marvellous parties - one in the summer, and one close to Christmas; with various other outings and occasions in between. But one thing I'd never managed to attend until now was the Annual Oxford Punt, where members descend upon this historic town, dressed in their best boating blazers and frocks, hire punts and journey up and down the Cherwell river drinking champagne; stopping in the middle for a picnic. Of the Maf, only Jeni and I could attend the whole day, and Bethan joined us in the middle for picnic fun and the return leg. Here are some photos of the day...

 We were manfully and skillfully punted by Captain Smallwood

 Rachel and C-B were our punting partners. Our puntners.

 Artemis and Edward hired a rowing boat and caused carnage

 Jeni got attacked by strange flying creatures

 Rachel did a bit of blinking while Bethan posed

 I took charge of the bubbly

 We fed Frazzles to the ducks. I got bitten by an eager and evil pale duck.

After all the punting excitement, we went home via Bethan's grandparents' house in a nearby village. We got fed delicious Welsh cakes and tea, and we had a super exciting time riding up and down on the Stannah stair-lift. Seriously the most fun I've had all year so far...!

I rode it up to the top...

And little J rode it back to the bottom, where a Revlon lipstick awaited her on the bannister!

For this watery, stairlifty adventure, Bethan was in a lovely dress you can't see, and a classic tan mac she stole from her Mamgu many years ago, Jeni wore a delightful Horrockses frock; and I'm in an utterly amazing 30s housedress which was a most unexpected and unbelievably lovely present from my dear friend Miss Matilda of Able Grable fame. Do help me repay her kindness by visiting her site and treating yourself to something nice! :)

In other news I am doing my first 5km race this Sunday. My parents will be there to cheer me on and take amusing photos of me crossing the finish line. I am quite excited, really! Even though I came face to face with a TERRIFYING STAG on my training run today... ok it was more of a smallish Roe buck, but I've never pegged it so fast in the opposite direction... those antlers look dangerous!

Until next time...

Fleur xx


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