Sun suit (without the sun)

A while ago, while Britain was gripped in the depths of winter, my lovely friend and sponsor Kim at Jitterbuggin sent me her 1940s swimsuit. We talked about me shooting some pictures for her as soon as the weather warmed up. Well, it still hasn't.

I planned to do some pictures on Bethan's boat, but it rained. It was warm and sunny for two days this week, it's now back to stockings and warm coats. But I really didn't want to leave it any longer before snapping a couple of pictures in the beautiful two-piece. So today, I did.

Now I know Kim wanted (as did I) a lovely swimming pool in the background. I'm sorry Kim. When the sun comes out over a weekend, a trip to the Lido will be the first thing on my agenda. These were done with the front door of my mum and dad's house within dashing distance... it was majorly chilly. Still! I think it adds a certain charm to the pictures. A goosebumpy, wintry charm!

Presenting... (my pasty thighs which need more running and) the Manzanita Swimsuit from Jitterbuggin!

Clogs are Swedish Hasbeens Savannahs from Office 

If you can just imagine a scorching Mexican beach behind me, that'd be grand...

On a serious note, I adore it and I can't wait to wear it to lounge by a poolside in when the weather's gone above about 12 degrees again!

No go! Go and visit Jitterbuggin and look at her beautiful things. I thank you (from my warm living room with the heating on).

Fleur xx


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