Bath time! Bath in Fashion & the Secret Tea Party

Two weekends ago, I had the distinct pleasure of going to the glorious city of Bath for the Bath in Fashion week. Or, more specifically, for the vintage day of Bath in Fashion week. I'd been invited to come and do a little talk about wearing vintage and also being a blogger at Mrs Stokes's Secret Tea Party. I took my lovely Bethan with me as my able assistant/travel buddy, and we had a simply smashing time. 

Arriving in the late afternoon, we checked into the Bath Spa Hotel, a rather magical place. Just look at our excited faces when we lay on our beds for the first time.

The night before, we had the most fantastic meal at a place called Bistro La Barrique. Not knowing where on earth to eat, we just wandered around past all the boring chain restaurants until we stumbled across it. The food was SO GOOD I didn't even take any pictures. So unlike me! 

We spent the morning wandering around Bath, goggling at the architecture and visiting the Roman Baths. It is such a beautiful place and bathed in warm sunlight, which it luckily was then, it was breathtaking. The Roman Baths were absolutely fascinating. We loved finding out about the Victorian excavations and hearing about Roman makeup from a lovely living history lady (who broke out of character to tell us she loved our outfits... turns out she does 40s as well!) - the pigments and powders used for eyeliner and lipstick, the hairstyling methods... everything. We soon had to leave to head to the tea party though, which was in the equally gorgeous Guildhall.

At the Secret Tea Party, guests get to have their hair and makeup done, while eating a very tasty homemade afternoon tea.

The carrot cake was to die for, but it was all delicious!

There was only one chap present, a very interesting man who runs Australia's biggest vintage fairs. I have lost his business card so if you read this sir, get in touch please! I loved his... brooch? You can't say a man is wearing a brooch... pin, perhaps? Either way, I loved it.

I was, as I always am, nervous about giving my talk. I always make notes then veer off all over the place! The people watching and listening seemed to find it interesting though, so hopefully they did all enjoy it! 

We upped the outfit ante for the occasion, of course. Here's Bethan in her late 30s green linen skirt suit. Isn't it (and she) a beaut?

I wore (what else?) a trusty and signature Swirl.

Dress: vintage

Summer means bangles make a comeback, so here's a close-up... ignore my cut hand, it was my punishment for eating burgers (long story) and my slightly oversized nail salon-done moonicure... I redid them myself when I got back! 

Bethan and I with the marvellous Mrs Stokes, aka Catherine.

I would like to sincerely thank Mrs Stokes and Bath in Fashion for having me, and the latter again for putting me and Bethan up in such a splendid hotel - the Macdonald Bath Spa Hotel. It was sheer luxury - we couldn't have imagined a more lovely place!

I wish we'd had a bit more time to look in the vintage shops and potter around generally. Bath, we will be back.

Fleur xx


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