See you at Rick's?

Last week, courtesy of Future Cinema I went back in time to 1942 Morocco. Casablanca to be precise. There, I hung out in Rick's Café Americain, a swinging joint full of laughter and partying.

(Plus some very Dr Who-esque lighting effects at the Blue Parrot, as seen above.)

There were dancing girls.

And beautiful Moroccan singers.

And dashing gents galore...

Spirits were running high. There were even arrests, as the gendarmes caught wind of members of the resistance. Rick stood by, his neutrality unswayed!

As with every Future Cinema production, it was an immersive experience full of performances and little pockets of activity to be discovered around the venue. Upon entering, the man and I were subjected to an interrogation by the gendarmes. He had to go and face a wall, then produce his ID papers, while one man lost his nerve and ran away at a fast lick, with the police chasing after him! After we went inside, as we made out way down a shadowy corridor lined with tropical plants, a shifty man sidled up to us. It was the man above, the leader of the Resistance. He told us to come to the Blue Parrot Cafe after the 'Sand Dance'.  We did, and he gave us a rousing speech, dishing out song sheets for later...

During the next few hours there were clandestine meetups...

Encouragement from Rick to enjoy ourselves...

The was a brief interruption from the dastardly Nazis singing Die Wacht am Rhein before the entire auditorium burst out with a rousing version of The Marseillaise, as initiated by our friend above.

The man and I were joined by Jeni Yesterday, Lisa Snoodlebug (and their menfolk), as well as the Vintage News Team. Sadly, my camera doesn't capture very well in the low light and I didn't manage to get anything good of the two girlies, either standing or dancing. Here's Lisa's boob, I mean amazing 40s brooch instead. And the back of a conga line.

Since you're all DYING to know what I wore, here it is! ;) I'm officially fed up with winter, and so, I decided to break out a semi-retired, 1940s cotton dress for the occasion. Unfortunately I forgot my slip, so I was a little chilly. Who cares! 

1940s Victory Rolls were de rigueur, of course. Have you ever seen my Victory Rolls video tutorial? Just noticed it has had nearly 100,000 views, crikey!

The initial run of Future Cinema's Casablanca sold out very quickly so I was really lucky to get to go. But this very lunchtime, not even half an hour ago as I type, they released tickets for the next run. Go and get yourself involved, it was a truly wonderful night.

Unfortunately, the man and I did not manage to secure exit papers, so it looks like I'll be in Casablanca indefinitely. See You At Rick's indeed!

Fleur xx


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