Beaus & Arrows

Not to jump on a topical bandwagon or anything, but it's Valentine's Day. Did you notice? I certainly did. As virtually the only single one left of all my friends, from school mates, to college buddies, university housemates and all the people I hold dear in my adult life, this occasion does wear on one rather. I made the decision very early in 2012 to do everything in my power this year to 'make things happen'... a deliberately vague resolution! In terms of finding love, it's more that I'll ensure that instead of wasting more of my own time on pointless things, instead I'm a free spirit, doing my thing and ready for that cupid's arrow when it finally strikes both me AND the object of my affection. As opposed to the singular stabbings I've had to endure over the last few years. But said stabbing scars are nearly healed, plus I've read two very useful blogs in the last couple of days. Ladies, if any of you are suffering from badly implanted arrowheads, I encourage you to read this post by Bangs and this blinder on HelloGiggles. They both contain so many truths for me as over the last 3 years I have managed to fall for a succession of massively unsuitable and/or emotionally unavailable men. Not even their fault in most of the cases, but mine for not looking after number one. Never again! It's way better to be single than torturing yourself, say I... And if you're lucky enough to have a mutual adoration this V-Day, for gawd's sake go and snog/grope your man/girl/undetermined. Now! FINE, when you get home then. ;)

I'm going to the special Love Dem Crew tonight so I won't be at home moping. And throughout today I will be saying a silent thanks to the relationships I do have, that make my life better. My family, my pals, my previous lovers who are now friends and confidantes. I'm even thankful to those I have loved and lost for making me realise both what it's like to feel love and what it's like to hurt so much you can barely go on - it just means I will know and when I do, I'll be even happier than I could have been before!

Let me leave you with some photos that make me happy and thankful for my life and my friends this Valentines. As I said a few posts ago, on Friday night, all six of the VM girlies got together in our rainbow frocks for the first time this year and put our skills to work on the hair and lips of visitors to the Churchill War Rooms after hours event. We left lots of ladies feeling like beautiful 1940s starlets. Lovely! Who needs a man when you have that in your life, I ask you.

As you can see, we even sneaked (with permission) into the cabinet room itself, and posed being Winston Churchill's chair. Fun fact, that wire behind my bum is one of the most important in the whole bunker - it called the tea lady!

All photos by Hanson Leatherby Photography and more can be seen on the Vintage Mafia blog.

Fleur xx


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