Prohibition meets pop

Last weekend, the vintage world met the modern one in a big dance off, featuring much whipping of hair. My five best vintage girlfriends (also known as the Vintage Mafia) and I had a big night out, which was supposed to be a sort of farewell to lovely Jeni's old flat (even though we only got ready there, before collapsing in bed at 4am...).

We began by heading to Time Out's favourite new 1920s themed night, the Candlelight Club. Tickets to this previously underground event (literally and figuratively, for it has moved from a cellar to a ground floor venue!) are now as rare as hen's teeth, as it's infiltrated the mainstream. This meant we were almost the only people dressed in vintage in the entire place. But, on the other hand, we weren't dressed 1920s, so we can't make any claim to greater authenticity!

I wore a frock from my lovely sponsor 20th Century Foxy. It's a Trashy Diva number, called the Olivia Dress; and it features an amazing sequinned bird in pink and purple, on a black heavy silk. Absolutely lovely, despite being a bit on the short side for lanky old me!

Excuse the background of Jeni's semi-packed flat! The foam hand was causing us much hilarity, but you probably had to be there...

At the Club itself, a small contingent of New Sheridan members joined us as we drank some red wine and had a bit of a boogie by candlelight.

Photo by Elisabeth Blanchette

Jeni, Gemma, Lisa/, Naomi, Bethan and I were on our best behaviour and in our best frocks. And then the wine kicked in.

Crab claws!

The aim was to have a sensible evening, to get up at 9am the next day and help Jeni move house. Well, we did manage the last two, but the early night eluded us as we headed off to a house party full of beautiful, unavailable boys...

And Winnie!

Bethan has a tendency to 'go ghetto' in sweat pants and hoodies at these soirees
(it's hard to dance to pop in vintage!).

Gemma did a dance routine, which I will not reveal... you'll have to ask her! But just look at the expressions of glee and naked envy on the faces of the audience...

And with that I must dash, because the girls and I are embarking on a week's holiday in beautiful Nice. I shall eat nothing but cheese and drink nothing but red wine for an entire week... goodbye waistline! If, for some crazy reason, you would like to see more silly photos of our night out, then do visit my Flickr set.

V.M. yo.

A bientot!

Fleur xx


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