Dressing down, vintage style

Another quick and dirty outfit post while I put together some more informative ones. In no particular order, coming soon will be a round-up of my Scotland trip, a post all about bras and my experience with them (will be semi-vintage but hopefully interesting), and some other booze-related shenanigans. But since I always get a nice response from outfit posts that show my daily wear (rather than super dressy), then here are some pictures I took the other day when I visited my parents to do my Victory Rolls tutorial (do watch if you haven't already).

With the exception of my Heyday trousers (and brooch), everything in this outfit  is bought from the high street and cost quite little. This means it is both easy and pretty darned cheap to get a retro look as long as you have some key repro/vintage separates like trousers and skirts (which are very hard to replicate without going direct to a specialist repro brand).

Trousers: Heyday (my favourites, hence they are seen here often!)
T-shirt and cropped cardigan: H&M
Shoes: Clarks sale
Hair flower: What Katie Did boutique
Brooch: Vintage
Mother of pearl bangle: Accessorize
PS. That is a CD you can see dangling... it is meant to put deer off eating my mum's roses
(with limited success) and I am too lazy to photoshop it out...

And just to give a realistic impression of how I look after a day of hard sitting and typing at a computer...

...anyone got a trouser press? ;)

This updo, which you've seen before; is one of my quick and easy current favourites. I did a mini follow-on tutorial showing how I did it, which I'll upload soon.

By the by, some of these photos and a longer and more informative guide to dressing vintage using high street buys will actually appear in the next issue of Milkcow Magazine.

Happy Monday blogchums!

Fleur xx


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