Oh, go on then! (Outfit Ahoy)

So, yesterday, I proclaimed that I wasn't feeling up to outfit photos, and while it's true I haven't been putting much effort in lately, my mum dragged me out to see the amazing butterfly house at Wisley RHS Gardens today. Since it was beautifully, tropically warm inside, and I had my camera to take photos of the lovely butterflies; I thought I'd get her to snap me, so I could show you what a 'Vintage Girl' wears when she's not planning an outfit post! It's not all seamed stockings and perfectly set hair after all, but I do try to make myself look nice, not to mention vintage, wherever I go. The problem is, I dislike winter. I've said it here before, but I really do. I generally avoid dark colours - I always dress up black, brown and navy with bright shades, just like they did in the 40s. And I have to say, Heyday trousers are my lifeline, when the last things I feel like struggling with are seamed stockings and slips. Roll on bare-legged spring!

Excuse my poor posing skills - I've rather lost the knack! I'm wearing a vintage-inspired, cropped cardigan from Zara, which features super cute, heart-shaped pockets (though it doesn't do a lot for my waistline); and a favourite pair of Heyday trousers, in Moss Green. Sadly, these were in Shona's recent sale, and there's only one pair left. Whoever's a lucky size 14, go grab them now! The outfit is completed with my old faithful co-respondent shoes, my new celluloid bangle and a matching pale yellow hair flower.
A plain white t-shirt is hiding under the cardigan, nothing to write home about! I'm wearing a Boots No. 7 lipstick in Classic Rose, a shade that's subtle, yet vintage-looking, and which goes better with the burgundy of my cardigan than a brighter red (I think!).My hair was styled yesterday with Hot Sticks, the front twisted into a little mini forward roll, and then subjected to half an hour in the super high humidity of the butterfly house! So the curls weren't doing too bad really. The last vestiges of my perm are still doing their thing... can't believe it's been nearly a year since I had it done!

And some butterflies for good measure... they were all simply stunning, especially the tiny transparent one above! I can't wait to go back in a few weeks to see the as-yet-unhatched varieties, not to mention the spring flowers. Yay nature!

Hope you all have thoroughly top-hole weekends.

All the best,

Fleur xx


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